Daffodils and snow


I took the above photo earlier this week. The daffodils are out and it is spring. Or is it?


This is the photo I took this morning. It is actually not the first time I’ve woken up to snow in the last seven days. It’s also not the first time in my life that there has been snow this late in the year.

However, no gardeners I know are enthused by the weather at the moment. The snow comes and the snow goes. In between the ground is too soggy to dig and the wind has an icy bite.

The good news is that the bluebells have persevered throughout this seesawing and are adding colour, in addition to the daffodils. The broccoli also continues to be an interesting feature and the cold has made it very tender. I am sure the garlic must be loving it, too, and the rainbow chard does not appear to be suffering.

Snow is forecast for the rest of the weekend but we live in hope that the better weather is just around the corner. At least my indoor tomatoes are oblivious to the goings-on outside ๐Ÿ™‚


About Helen

I have always been interesting in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and used to do what I could. Now, I have come to realise that we have reached such a point in terms of environmental degradation that it is more important - perhaps - to focus on building resilience. I therefore do as much as I can to reuse, grow my own and encourage a supportive community, for example. I also keep reading and learning all the time.
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14 Responses to Daffodils and snow

  1. Marcella Rousseau says:

    They are predicting snow for Sunday here in Indy and they said it’s going to be an accumulating snow. We had snow here once in April. I remember distinctly because It was 5:00 a.m. and I was driving a friend to the airport. It was a *!%^$! blizzard and I could barely see where I was going.

    I’ve got a mint plant growing on my windowsill. I took it from some packaged mint that I bought at the store. I took about several 5-inch pieces and put them all in water and hoped at least one would take root. Well, exactly one took root. I changed the water almost every day. About 2 weeks ago, it began growing like gangbusters! It’s amazing how these plants have their internal clocks, just like we do.

    • Good luck with the mint. I haven’t checked to see how mine is doing outdoors!

      • Marcella Rousseau says:

        Thank you! I’m sure your mint will be fine. Mint is one of those dangerous plants that will take over if you’re not careful! It’s like a weed – you can’t kill it! This snowfall that we are supposed to get tomorrow will be the 3rd largest snowfall this late in the season. The first was in 1800 something, the second was 1912, and tomorrow will be the third. I hope it melts fast because I have to take my car in for repairs on Monday at 10:30 and I don’t want to have to reschedule due to snow/ice. Whaaaaaaaa : – (

        • I too hope your unseasonal heavy snow will have gone by tomorrow. Good luck with the car as well.

          • Marcella Rousseau says:

            Unfortunately, it is still snowing this morning so I cancelled my auto appointment and rescheduled it for tomorrow afternoon when they predict the temperatures to be above freezing. People here drive too fast (they all think they’re Mario Andretti due to the race course here) and they don’t slow down enough during a snow storm. I’d already been hit once when a driver couldn’t stop and slid on the ice into me while I was at a Stop sign. I was lucky no one was in the intersection and that I saw the car coming and knew I was going to be hit. I’d much rather reschedule the auto appt. even though I want to get this over with than have to drive in these conditions where the visibility is also bad, let alone the icy roads and crazy drivers! Tomorrow it will all be slush.

          • I think you made the right decision Marcella. Sorry to hear you were once hit on the road. I have no choice but to go out in these conditions and just hope people will be sensible!

          • Marcella Rousseau says:

            Thank you ; – ) Everything turned out great at my usual mechanics shop. They were great to me and I’m going to write a post about them. What a relief to have that all taken care of by people I can trust. But the other place, oh, I am not finished with them! I will be calling them tomorrow to complain. I didn’t realize how many complaints there were on the internet about this oil change chain. They are being sued in California. If I don’t get any satisfaction when I call the headquarters, I’ll either complain to the Attorney General’s office or the Better Business Bureau or both. They are not going to get away with their negligence. I’m sorry to hear that you have to go out in inclement weather. The storm that hit us moved on to the New York area but lost some of its strength so it will probably fall apart over the ocean and you won’t have to worry about getting any of it. The temperatures here have started rising and the snow has started melting. The only area covered in snow is the grass! Can you imagine? 9 inches of snow, gone in a snap!

          • Good luck with your complaint!
            We have had sun today but I am reluctant to say we are over the worst until it really does appear to be spring. In any case, I hope you are right about the storm falling apart somewhere over the Atlantic…

  2. mybrightlife says:

    Sounds like you somehow manage to make a plan to keep things growing no matter what! Well done!

  3. Nice daffs! It is interesting that you have chard, broccoli and garlic – I haven’t grown any of them yet but it’s always nice to know what might be showing signs of life at this time of year…in the snow.

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