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Midsummer: cold and rainy!

Actually, the start of the week was warm and sunny but the last couple of days have been very different. At least the soil has been much more amenable to gardening. Thus, I’ve planted some fennel – a new venture … Continue reading

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Fuchsia first

Meet the first flowers I have purposely set out to buy for our garden: Fuchsia (Beacon). My dad used to have fuchsia and I have always loved them. So they were an absolute must…. Especially when the garden centre I … Continue reading

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I was touched last Friday when one of my students who was leaving after three terms with us presented me with the birds featured in the photo above. It is always comforting to know that your hard work and care … Continue reading

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And then the rain came….

I’m not up on the names of birds but it was wonderful to have the company of one or two of them when I was finally able to dig out my rotary washing line last weekend. It was a hard … Continue reading

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Waiting for the rain

This might be a country reputed for its damp climate but there isn’t much evidence of it in my neck of the woods right now. The weather forecast has been predicting rainfall on and off over the last couple of … Continue reading

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I’m really excited! After inspecting my apple tree (Orleans Reinette) today, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Could these little lumps be the beginning of apples? I do hope so, though this will be a surprise. I had heard … Continue reading

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Tomatoes going out

After the success of planting a tomato plant and pumpkin under cloche cover on Monday, I decided to plant another tomato out tonight. It is a bit chilly, so I am sure the plant will appreciate the cloche while it … Continue reading

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Sneaky potato

After a week of entertaining my daughter over half term, it’s back to business in my garden! Whilst tying up the broad beans, not only did I notice that they might be starting to flower, but that they had a … Continue reading

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