The wonderful patter of rainfall

For once, the forecast on my phone was right – it did rain today. When I woke up this morning it was great to hear the rain. I find it soothing in any case but it meant that I would now be able to plant two more ornamentals: a cowslip my dad gave me as well as the beleaguered heather, which I hope will survive.

Anyway, here is an aerial shot of my garden, taken when I woke up. The soil always looks better when it is soaked with rain I think, rather than when it is baked hard under a hot sun. I’m so looking forward to seeing this shot in a couple of years when the changes I am putting in place have been accomplished and I have fuller flower beds.


© Helen Butt, May 2014


About Helen

I have always been interesting in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and used to do what I could. Now, I have come to realise that we have reached such a point in terms of environmental degradation that it is more important - perhaps - to focus on building resilience. I therefore do as much as I can to reuse, grow my own and encourage a supportive community, for example. I also keep reading and learning all the time.
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11 Responses to The wonderful patter of rainfall

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Lovely update Helen thank you for sharing

  2. Jane says:

    It looks great !!! Mark dug the hole in my garden for the sump and it is now full with water, but no where else is, so it shows that it will work when finished 🙂

  3. So cute!! the changes will be fun to watch. I love your path and orderly display of things. Nice to have it all fenced in like that.

    • The fences aren’t my doing – on the left is probably the builders’ choice and my neighbours put up the one on the right. It’s a shame I can’t grow anything on it but as it’s not mine and they might take them out to paint, I will have to think about alternative arrangements.

      Glad you like the path… I need to get more slabs but I too was pleased when I looked at it in the photo. Funny how you don’t see things sometimes – looking out the window when I get up I think I’ve always focussed more on the weather lol.

  4. Your garden is looking really good. You are really making changes. I glad you got some much needed rain.

    • Thank you Honey! It certainly looks a lot healthier as well as better. I used to be plagued with slugs, for example, whereas now there are prediators which eat them!

      I do need to put a lot more manure into the soil, as much to make it more workable as nourish it. And I do want a lot more plants so it doesn’t look empty half the year. It is exciting to think what can be achieved.

      First, I need to buy some shears to cut down the rest of the hawthorn bush….

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