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Halloween 2014

Until about 5 o’ clock this evening, you could have been mistaken for wondering if it was actually the last day of October. It was sunny and 19°C – and my washing dried on the line in a couple of … Continue reading

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Home-grown curry: aubergine

At last, I have fulfilled one of my minor ambitions. I’ve never seen organic aubergines, so I was particularly keen to grow my own. I also happen to like aubergine curry a lot. So, I was excited about getting home … Continue reading

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New cloche

Although it was quite gloomy today, it was a mild 17°C, so time to get on with some work in the garden, including planting cauliflower seedlings and then protecting them with a cloche I actually bought last year. In the … Continue reading

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At 2 o’clock this morning the clocks went back, which in Britain means it is now dark by five thirty in the evening. So, no more forays into the garden after work for a few months. Not that there is … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (Roses in October)

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Green tomato jam

Having taken just about all my tomatoes in now, I’m left with pounds and pounds of green beauties. Some are turning red, which my daughter and I are enjoying with great relish. At the same time, I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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The Scrap Store

Now that the seasons are changing, nights drawing in and the garden on a pretty rapid slow-down (not sure how much the second pumpkin has or hasn’t grown in the last week), I am turning my attention to other ways … Continue reading

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Strange gladioli bulbs

We were late getting home from exploring a scrap shop with our sewing club on the other side of town – definitely worth it – but there was still plenty of light for me to get a gardening job or … Continue reading

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There’s never enough cardboard

Today, I finally had some space to sort out the front garden. Earlier in the year, I had started to remove the pebbles from the top of the soil under the window. It was then I realised that the soil … Continue reading

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Hidden chives

When I first started gardening four years ago, I discovered not just chives but their flowers. What a delightful addition to salads! The original plant died but I spied a spot in the garden where I sowed some seeds this … Continue reading

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