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2014 in review

Thanks very much to everyone who has read my blog. The stats below will mean a lot more to me than anyone else but in case you are interested, here they are! I wish you a wonderful start to 2015, … Continue reading

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Cardboard Christmas

Today, my daughter and I measured up the garden with the aim of buying the greenhouse in the Boxing Day sales, if one such were available, and then took ourselves off to one of our oft-visited garden centres. There wasn’t … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air

Hurray! Two days of sunshine in a row – and just before we set off for a little walk to get a breath of fresh air, I thought I would pop into the garden to see if there were any … Continue reading

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Chemical warfare

Anyone in doubt about the danger of chemicals in our gardens and on our farms would be well advised to read ‘Creative Sustainable Gardening’ by Diana Anthony. I was on my way to bed and decided to have the shortest … Continue reading

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Obtain a yield

One of the tenets of permaculture is to grow to use. Of course, if you are growing vegetables then de facto you hope to obtain a yield. But what about ornamentals? Do they have a place in the permaculture landscape? … Continue reading

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Chinese cabbage

The resilience of nature comes to mind when I look at the beleaguered Chinese cabbage. The seedlings were started off quite late – sometime after midsummer – but they grew well once planted in the ground. Until the cabbage white … Continue reading

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Extinction of British bees and flower-visiting wasps – a new assessment of rates and causes

Originally posted on Jeff Ollerton's Biodiversity Blog:
Extinction of species is perhaps the most fundamental assault that we as humans can inflict on the rest of the natural world.  Extinctions take a range of forms, from the loss of…

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