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Shrouding the broad beans

I don’t know about you but to me 6 degrees feels little different from 1 or even -1. It certainly feels bitter out there and I don’t think the broad beans will be happy, especially if the weather forecast for … Continue reading

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Garden debris

I’ve done a volte-face on the rosehip tea idea. Having inspected the roses, I could see more flowers about to blossom and the rosehips that there were seemed too small to bother with. So, I think the better thing to … Continue reading

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New eyes

This afternoon was a bit different from the usual trip into Leeds city centre. For a start, I was with my sewing bee. And whereas I would normally rush round the two or three places I needed to buy something … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (one degree Celsius)

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The front garden and soil erosion

When I was a child I learned of soil erosion on the prairies of America, so I was already vaguely aware of what wind could do when I read that 2015 had been dedicated year of the soils and that … Continue reading

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Moving the rhubarb

In November 2011, I moved my rhubarb plant from a pot to ground near the apple tree at the back of the garden. The rationale had been that as the tree grew, there would be more shade for the rhubarb, … Continue reading

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First shoots of 2015

Over the Christmas holidays I got quite excited when I saw some shoots coming through. My excitement diminished somewhat however when I remembered I had planted garlic in this spot and not spring bulbs. Oh well! Then today there is … Continue reading

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