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Shrouding the broad beans

I don’t know about you but to me 6 degrees feels little different from 1 or even -1. It certainly feels bitter out there and I don’t think the broad beans will be happy, especially if the weather forecast for … Continue reading

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Garden debris

I’ve done a volte-face on the rosehip tea idea. Having inspected the roses, I could see more flowers about to blossom and the rosehips that there were seemed too small to bother with. So, I think the better thing to … Continue reading

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New eyes

This afternoon was a bit different from the usual trip into Leeds city centre. For a start, I was with my sewing bee. And whereas I would normally rush round the two or three places I needed to buy something … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (one degree Celsius)

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The front garden and soil erosion

When I was a child I learned of soil erosion on the prairies of America, so I was already vaguely aware of what wind could do when I read that 2015 had been dedicated year of the soils and that … Continue reading

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Moving the rhubarb

In November 2011, I moved my rhubarb plant from a pot to ground near the apple tree at the back of the garden. The rationale had been that as the tree grew, there would be more shade for the rhubarb, … Continue reading

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First shoots of 2015

Over the Christmas holidays I got quite excited when I saw some shoots coming through. My excitement diminished somewhat however when I remembered I had planted garlic in this spot and not spring bulbs. Oh well! Then today there is … Continue reading

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Soil Association ‘bemused’ by organic farming criticism

Originally posted on World Organic News:
The Soil Association has hit back at suggestions that organic farming could be worse for the environment than conventional farming methods. Climate expert Lord John Krebs told the Oxford Farming Conference on Wednesday (7…

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The red cayenne pepper

I’ve been growing cayenne pepper for months and have eaten a few fruit green. None of them seems to want to turn red, however, so I was overjoyed just now when I went to water the plants and discovered that … Continue reading

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Designing a life

For a long time now I’ve been chuntering to both myself and the world at large about the chaos in my life. At work, I am organised and with it but outside the workplace I feel I am constantly battling … Continue reading

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