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More purple

Seems like this is the year of purple. Sitting on the patio last night, I noticed some flowers at the back of the garden. Uh! I didn’t remember planting any flowers there. Unless it was a spring bulb, late. Upon … Continue reading

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Peppers popping

After a week that looks like this    I was very pleased yesterday morning to see these    If the weather forecast is as predicted, they should be feeling more comfortable from now on. That said, the outdoor cucumbers have … Continue reading

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Fennel from a different angle

The first ever fennel I grew in my garden was the herb variety. I got a three inch pot from RHS Harlow Carr and put it in the pot with the fir tree I got from a friend as a … Continue reading

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Fiddling around, I’ve just come across the above photo. My first reaction was to laugh out loud. Seriously! This was my garden – yes, mine – only three years ago. I know it was spring, and early spring at that, … Continue reading

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Camley Street Nature Park

I found London a bit much on my visit over the last few days. The crowds, the buses and the concrete. Well, brick and stone….. Then, by chance, we discovered a centre along the lines of Skelton Grange Conservation Centre … Continue reading

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The strangest of photos!

I was about to start reading your blog posts when I noticed how my blog would look to someone else through reader. Oh! If you see a photo of a barbecue – or anything other than a Bob the Builder … Continue reading

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Garlic bulbils

I had forgotten about my garlic bolting, so when I came to sort out the now dry bulbs it was a surprise to see the umbels on the stalks.  At first, I thought they were small heads of garlic, although … Continue reading

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And to go with the potatoes…..

   Sometimes I wonder if I am cut out for gardening. After five years of attempting to grow my own, there are crops which take up more effort than I get back from them.  Yes, every year produces new challenges. … Continue reading

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The catharsis of picking

   When all’s said and done, I am underwhelmed by the number of potatoes that came out of the finishing off compost bin. True, there is still the other half to dig out. And more came out than went in. … Continue reading

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Now, I didn’t expect to be harvesting any peas this year, let alone blogging about them. However, something unusual, or perhaps not so unusual, has been happening with my mangetout. When cooking them as mangetout (snow peas I think they … Continue reading

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