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Wordless Wednesday (Autumnal Garden)


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Lasagne gardening feedback

Starting on Boxing Day last year, I did a lasagne gardening experiment to get rid of my lawn. Putting down cardboard covered with manure at that time of year should have made killing the grass easier, in theory perhaps, as … Continue reading

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The chilli muncher?

The other day, when I took the ripened chilli peppers off the vine by my back door to dry them, there was one unripened. So, I left it and sure enough it quickly turned red. But it also had a … Continue reading

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Glad it’s not just my sweetcorn!

Today, it being the last Sunday of September, and there being the chance of my getting into Scampston Walled Garden at a reduced price, we paid a visit to this attraction. As usual, one of the attractions for me was to see … Continue reading

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I’ve been collecting coriander seed for a couple of years now, although this year there are not many of them. I do, however, have another ‘plant’ on the go, so there could more to come…..     Fennel seeds, on … Continue reading

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Big as well as bountiful

I can’t believe that it is nearly October and my crops are still growing. Bigger as well as bountiful.       Okay, there aren’t as many tomatoes as last year – a lesson learnt: tomatoes prefer being in the ground … Continue reading

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Brassica bed

Over the last few days, I’ve been clearing a section of garden of blackberry regrowth and roots. I was a little optimistic last autumn, when I took the blackberry bush out of its original location without taking up all the … Continue reading

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