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The primroses are out!

Last week in Bruges, I noted that primroses were in bloom. Perhaps it is therefore fitting that the flowers I saw in the back garden today were the same colour as the ones in Belgium.   I also noticed some … Continue reading

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Moving the rat house

Yesterday morning, I discovered another hole in the garden. It was to my mind clear therefore that a rat had set up home in the compost bin. So, as it hadn’t started rain again at that point, out came the … Continue reading

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2015 in retrospect 

Just before New Year last December, I told a friend that 2015 was going to be a good year. Yet I didn’t really believe it – in my heart I had a foreboding that things might actually be quite bad. … Continue reading

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The mystery hole

Whilst looking out on my garden this morning, marvelling at how full and green (as well as sodden) it looks,   I noticed something unusual near the patio. I’m not sure it was there yesterday, although perhaps I just missed … Continue reading

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Over the sea and back again

On Monday, we went on a trip across the North Sea to the town of Brugge (Bruges) in Belgium. One of my colleagues had found a two-for-one deal with P&O ferries so this was the opportunity for my daughter to … Continue reading

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Hidden membrane

Yesterday, I shared with you my joy (though the joy might have passed you by as I was musing on other matters!) at getting rid of the final patch of weed-infested lawn from my back garden. Today, I thought in … Continue reading

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Ubiquity vs. iniquity of plastic

Back in the summer of 2012, when I started writing this blog, I wrote a post about the dilemmas surrouding plastic. Today, having delved further into the world of living plastic-free over the last three and a half years, I thought it … Continue reading

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