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New year – new tomato

Last April, I bought a tomato plant which has since lived in a pot in my dining room. It produced two rounds of cherry tomatoes and then I thought it would be finished. However, new flowers appeared around Christmas time, … Continue reading

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Bins in small gardens

This time last year, I did an inventory of all the bins in my garden. In total, there were seven, which was taking up a good bit of space in a relatively small patch of land.  One way or another, … Continue reading

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Peeping through

A short while ago, there was a rainbow to the south-west of the house. Yes, it’s drizzling and sunny at the same time. And windy, so doing my Friday morning inspection of the gardens has been quite exhilarating, one way … Continue reading

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Along the wall

I couldn’t believe it! I was home before it got dark this evening, or properly dark at any rate. I also had an idea. I had six onion sets left from the packet I bought at the start of the … Continue reading

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Call me crazy!

One thing I never thought I would be doing was picking up branches from the street and taking them home. But that’s just what I did yesterday.    Not that I was on a country walk. I was rushing towards … Continue reading

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Is it March?

It’s a while since I’ve paid any attention to the front garden, apart from collecting stray rubbish which was caught amongst the plants. On Sunday, however, there was no mistaking the daffodil bud on the verge of opening.    I … Continue reading

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A wow moment!

As I was working in the garden this morning, I felt for the first time since I moved into my property that it was turning into the space I want to be. I had the first inkling of this feeling … Continue reading

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Woodhouse and the Wendy house

I’ve become an enthusiastic visitor of Leeds Community Clothes Exchange since I first attended in September last year. As part of my quest to reduce my carbon footprint and create a fairer world, it’s great that I’ve been able to revamp my … Continue reading

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Ready for the next move

It’s hard to believe that we had snow on Sunday, considering it’s now 12 degrees C and sunny. I didn’t think I was going to get out into the garden earlier on, though, as the heavens opened and we had … Continue reading

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Job advertisement: LPN Communications Worker

Tonight there was a Leeds Permaculture Network committee meeting. Amongst other matters, we discussed publicising a position (paid) for a Communications Worker. Anyone interested in applying can access the information here. It’s part-time, asking for a commitment of a few hours … Continue reading

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