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Last day of winter

Ordinarily, today would have been the first day of spring but in view of the nip in the air, I’m not bothered it was still February. It gave me an extra day to get my nephew’s birthday card in the … Continue reading

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Helping refugees

Before I had my daughter, I used to do voluntary work for an organisation which encouraged the media to report stories on refugees in a fair light.  Issues related to refugees are still dear to my heart and I hope … Continue reading

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Like the new view?

On Thursday morning, my neighbour came rushing in to let me know that the silver birches were coming down. So, at half eight this morning, the saws started and within an hour the trees were mere stumps.    I’ve got … Continue reading

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Blame it on the washing

I didn’t get chance to do any gardening before I hung the washing out this morning and what I had planned (involving shovels of compost) could have resulted in the washing coming in rather more quickly! Thankfully, with it not … Continue reading

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Braving the artichokes

The Jerusalem artichokes have needed digging up for some time now. As it’s been a warm winter and it doesn’t look there will be a freeze any time soon, it seemed likely that if they weren’t harvested in the near … Continue reading

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Inside – February 2016

Because of half term and the PDC last weekend, gardening activities have been a bit topsy-turvy over the part week. Finally, though, yesterday I managed to pot on the cauliflower seedlings, which have been doing so well on the window-that-works. … Continue reading

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Among the sculptures

I’ve been to Yorkshire Sculpture Park several times. It’s only a few miles down the road from where I live now and set in extensive parkland, it’s a stimulating place to walk if you’re interested in art.         The … Continue reading

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Saved from landfill

  Long before I had a garden, I used to live a far more sustainable life. I had a small flat in the city centre and didn’t drive a car. Now, my carbon footprint is much greater, although I endeavour … Continue reading

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Mysterious mounds

This morning, I wondered how the onions were getting on. Great it would seem, as more of them have started to sprout. This spurred me into planting a few more garlic bulbils. And looking generally round the garden. Which lead … Continue reading

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PDC day 4

Whereas the PDC yesterday looked at the big picture of landscapes and climate globally, today’s lessons were more down to earth, literally as well as metaphorically. Although I am already working on creating a closed loop system within my home … Continue reading

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