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Still standing

The other night, I was able to get out after work before it got dark and plant out three more pak choi. Hopefully, they will thrive after having plenty of time indoors to get biggish – and used to a … Continue reading

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Definitely autumn

The other day I posted about the summer vegetables in the garden. They are still there – and so are some autumn delights. The Jerusalem artichokes have decided to flower again this year (missed a year last time round) and … Continue reading

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Summer lives on

Personally, I’m really pleased that it has cooled down – new coat and boots which I couldn’t wear if it was roasting – and the vegetables don’t seem to have blinked an eyelid at the change to autumn. That’s all … Continue reading

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Coulis not jam!

I feel a bit silly after misreading a recipe for blackberry and apple jam: 1800 ml of water instead of 180. My instinct had told me there was something wrong there but after an hour of trying to get to … Continue reading

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The sheep on the right

At last, the long-awaited day of foraging with a similar-minded friend arrived today. We went to three different spots in all and I collected 2.5 kg of rosehips, a kilo of blackberries and a bag of nettles. I’ve already started … Continue reading

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Industrial food vs organic homegrown food

Watching this short video made me ever so glad I eat largely organic food. Food with my insecticide, no thank you! The Future of Food

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Wilting and other matters

I’m really pleased with the way the adzuki beans have been growing under the cloche with a kale plant. Notwithstanding, I’d had in mind to dig them in before planting out more pak choi.  This hasn’t happened, however, as I … Continue reading

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Making space

Originally, I’d intended to have a rather large rocket bush out the ground in time for tomato planting. But then the ground became far too dry and hard and I decided not to bother. In spite of being repeatedly cut … Continue reading

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Freezing flowers

On a whim I borrowed The Herb Garden for Cooks by Jeff Cox and Marie-Pierre Moine from the library the other day and then flicking through it I had a minor light bulb moment. Now, I have tried freezing herbs before … Continue reading

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Pruning the lavender

When we went to Yorkshire Lavender at the end of last month, there was a sign which gave advice which I thought I might heed. It seemed unlikely that the three lavender seedlings in the herb garden would really need cutting back, … Continue reading

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