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The rise and fall of the leaf

First, the current success: The lettuce are doing well at the moment. As with the onions, I have been deliberating over the necessity of a cloche. In a few nights the night time temperatures are expected to drop to three … Continue reading

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Is it Friday?

What with the half term school holidays and the days getting shorter, I haven’t been doing a lot in the garden this week. Or more accurately, anything. That is not to say there has been no activity.  I’m so pleased … Continue reading

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Falling like snow

My daughter and I were walking through a park near where I work this morning and were taken with the leaves falling from the trees which lined the path. So far, the leaves at home are still green. The trees … Continue reading

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Onions instead of docks

My phone’s spell check wanted ‘socks’ instead of ‘docks’ but socks only go in the compost bin, not directly in the garden. The latest sock had to come back out again as it turned out to be more manmade material … Continue reading

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Flops and flowers

Having run out of jars for the kimchi I made last Sunday, I had to get a bit creative with what was in my food cupboard this afternoon. I needn’t have bothered, though, as the cabbage had developed a mound … Continue reading

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Eggs for chard

Yes, I have been in the garden this week and things have been happening. For example, the onions I planted last week have started to take root. And how do I know? Well, I guess birds must have got under … Continue reading

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Experiments with red cabbage and garlic bulbils

Only one red cabbage has grown to any significance this year. No idea why but thankfully I got to it before it was completely obliterated by these snails: Now, half the cabbage is in the process of being made into kimchi, … Continue reading

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Roots and soil condition

My enthusiasm for building hugel beds is on the wane. Psoriatic hands and heavy soil don’t go too well together. However, I woke up this morning and felt inspired to get the spade out. The sun helped. So, now hugel … Continue reading

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Academic comment on permaculture literature and claims

Rather than making comment on the specifics of the article I have read on the need for research into claims made by the permaculture movement, it seems appropriate to let readers interested in an academic perspective make up their own … Continue reading

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Where did the fennel come from?

About a week ago, I cut down the fennel (herb) after collecting the seeds for tea. I therefore thought that was the end of that.  But this evening, whilst gathering salad leaves I noticed a fennel plant amongst the cabbages … Continue reading

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