Where did the fennel come from?

About a week ago, I cut down the fennel (herb) after collecting the seeds for tea. I therefore thought that was the end of that. 

But this evening, whilst gathering salad leaves I noticed a fennel plant amongst the cabbages and chard. So, once again I am in awe of nature.

About Helen

I have always been interesting in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and used to do what I could. Now, I have come to realise that we have reached such a point in terms of environmental degradation that it is more important - perhaps - to focus on building resilience. I therefore do as much as I can to reuse, grow my own and encourage a supportive community, for example. I also keep reading and learning all the time.
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14 Responses to Where did the fennel come from?

  1. Kalamain says:

    Where did it come from…

    Well… erm.. When a mummy fennel and a daddy fennel. What, you know this bit… Ok. B-)

    No seriously though Fennel can be quite rampant at times. In one of the parks we dealt with at the council you would find it EVERYWHERE mid summer. *rolls eyes*

  2. awesome update it is a perennial plant and with this weird weather we be having nothing surprises me at present have a blessed day Helen

  3. gaiainaction says:

    How nice you find this fennel plant Helen, now you can keep making tea. I’m amazed it grows so easy.

  4. atkokosplace says:

    Always nice to find good surprises! 🙂

  5. Lavinia Ross says:

    Nature is amazing! I have volunteer tomatoes that come up every year as well as kale and mustard.

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