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A donation of wood ash

Yesterday, we took a friend to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where there was an exhibition of work by the daughter of one of her friends. We lamented the fact that you need a car to get there (on a Sunday) but we … Continue reading

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Sunflower seeds

When I worked in Greece, the classroom floor was perpetually covered in sunflower seed casings that the children had discarded after eating the salted seeds within. I never did quite get the hang of cracking the casings with my teeth … Continue reading

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The soil reveals

Whilst making up an order with a seed company for next year’s garden delights, I remembered that I had meant to sow some more broad beans before it’s too late. Well, it might not be too late, anyway, because they … Continue reading

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Bedraggled be gone!

The other day the pepper plants looked like they might still be functioning. Today they looked like this: So, to the compost bin they went. I’m happy about this as it means I can now move on. Or rather the … Continue reading

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It culminated in a mouse

The last time I didn’t write on my blog for a week was before I started blogging. But here I am, seven days since I last mentioned anything about compost bins or the bokashi. Before I get to either of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (excitement)

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The self-seeders have to go

Having said yesterday morning that I wasn’t going to be outside with a space, what did I do in the hour before it got dark? This year, my garden has been dominated by self-seeders, in part because of the seed … Continue reading

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Extolling the virtues of an airing cupboard

My sister recently suggested I could get a combi-boiler and do away with the tanks in the loft. Sounds great – I could even get a room or two up there. But hang on a minute, what about the airing … Continue reading

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The antidote to paws in soil

I’d noticed what seemed to be paw prints in the soil but dismissed it as my foot when I’d accidentally trodden on the ground. But then I noticed the same where I knew I had definitely not put my feet. … Continue reading

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Patterns and posts

This year more than any other, I’ve noticed a pattern in the theme of posts throughout the year. First there were the strawberries, then the poppies, and now there are the leaves. Earlier in the week, there were loads of … Continue reading

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