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A donation of wood ash

Yesterday, we took a friend to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where there was an exhibition of work by the daughter of one of her friends. We lamented the fact that you need a car to get there (on a Sunday) but we … Continue reading

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Sunflower seeds

When I worked in Greece, the classroom floor was perpetually covered in sunflower seed casings that the children had discarded after eating the salted seeds within. I never did quite get the hang of cracking the casings with my teeth … Continue reading

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The soil reveals

Whilst making up an order with a seed company for next year’s garden delights, I remembered that I had meant to sow some more broad beans before it’s too late. Well, it might not be too late, anyway, because they … Continue reading

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Bedraggled be gone!

The other day the pepper plants looked like they might still be functioning. Today they looked like this: So, to the compost bin they went. I’m happy about this as it means I can now move on. Or rather the … Continue reading

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It culminated in a mouse

The last time I didn’t write on my blog for a week was before I started blogging. But here I am, seven days since I last mentioned anything about compost bins or the bokashi. Before I get to either of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (excitement)

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The self-seeders have to go

Having said yesterday morning that I wasn’t going to be outside with a space, what did I do in the hour before it got dark? This year, my garden has been dominated by self-seeders, in part because of the seed … Continue reading

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