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2016 in review

Over the last twelve months, I have been keeping a record of the approximate amount of money I’ve saved by growing my own. At first glance, the figures may seem a little disappointing at just over ¬£100. The figures would … Continue reading

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A hole where it shouldn’t be

After a delightful walk round the woodland at Nostell Priory this morning including watching the ducks waddle across the ice on the top of a lake  I came home to find a thaw had taken place in the garden. It therefore seemed … Continue reading

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No title could be beautiful enough!

Today we were at a friend’s for a final Christmas celebration. The smorgasborg was esquisite but then came the cake. Of course, the cake would be worth showing you simply because the decoration is so pretty. As this blog, however, … Continue reading

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‘Who’s that?’

I’d been wanting to go for a walk in woods for some time and, after the abortive attempt on Christmas Day, I was particularly looking forward to an outing with a friend, who knows the area around Sherburn in Elmet. So … Continue reading

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Funky vegetables

Thankfully, I haven’t finished off the seed order I’ve been writing out for the past few weeks, as one of my presents today was seeds (with starter pots). The instructions say to start them off from April onwards but this … Continue reading

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Winter purslane, otherwise known as claytonia, is a new crop for me, so I had no idea what to expect in terms of either coverage or taste. When I first sowed it towards the end of the summer, it was … Continue reading

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I’d been thinking there was little to do in the garden right now, but I did manage an unplanned hour outside yesterday. This included doing some weeding. Nothing too spectacular there until I got to the hugel bed with the … Continue reading

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Sometimes it feels as though nothing ever changes 

Having decided to leave the 2017 seed order till after Christmas, apart from putting more coffee grounds over the garlic, there isn’t a lot to do in the horticultural line right now. I have therefore started reading journal articles on … Continue reading

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Fairburn Ings

I have been craving a walk in nature for a while. One place I had previously visited – about five years ago – struck me as particularly appealing, nor least because I would make more of it, now I have … Continue reading

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How to have a snowman at 10 degrees C

Our collection of Christmas decorations gets bigger by the day. The Winter Festival at Skelton Grange Environment Centre today provided me with an unexpected opportunity to get handy with some wood, the end result of which will be a snowman. I say … Continue reading

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