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Never enough space for seedlings

Today, I feel I have achieved quite a lot in terms of potting on. I am still enthralled by the fact that I can do this, now that I have the shed and a cold frame. So, butternut squash as … Continue reading

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Is the glass half full or half empty?

Today started off well. It was sunny and I got some essential jobs done in the house. Then I heard work going on out the back and I had a sense of foreboding.  When I looked outside, I noticed some … Continue reading

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The price of chard

At the weekend, I visited a friend who has guinea pigs. Thus, I saw a way of doing her a favour and relieving my garden of a vegetable which had grown so profusely over the last year that I really … Continue reading

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Up with the garden path: Completion!

In April 2013, I decided to tackle the path, running down the bottom right of the garden, which was an unsightly space filled with pebbles and weeds. I couldn’t even pull the wheelie bins over it to get them out for … Continue reading

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Native bluebells?

This morning, whilst picking nettles for soup and cordial in a lane (bridleway) just by my house, I noticed some bluebells. My first thought was one of dismay, that Spanish bluebells were everywhere. However, I’m not so sure they are … Continue reading

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Borage is back

Last year, I sowed borage seeds in the front garden to fill a space – a large space. The borage, with self-seeded phacelia, then took over and smothered quite a few other plants. Thankfully, they survived and have grown more … Continue reading

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Seed Co-operative

Whilst reading the Permaculture Magazine this morning, I took note of an advertisement for a company that produces and sells organic and biodynamic seed. The company is based in Lincolnshire (UK). A little intrigued, I looked up Seed Co-operative on … Continue reading

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Eyes bigger than my belly

One thing that I didn’t mention about my trip to Clumber Park, a National Trust property in Nottinghamshire, on Sunday is that I ended up buying butternut squash seeds. I’d already purchased some earlier in the year (from a different … Continue reading

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Deadheading for Dad

Yesterday, my daughter and I helped my dad out round the garden by deadheading the daffodils and other spring flowers past their best. I’d never thought to deadhead daffodils and some of mine are doing decidedly badly, so I think … Continue reading

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Three for the price of one

Never in my life have I bought peat – not as pots or compost. I was therefore less than thrilled to see a gardening kit in my Christmas stocking which included such.  In general, I try to make sure I … Continue reading

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