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They look like mini sprouts!

It was a bright and sunny Sunday, so I got into the garden to plant both the garlic and the garlic bulbils. Or rather, I did so after biting the bullet and taking out the nasturtiums which have been merrily … Continue reading

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Drying nasturtium flowers

This afternoon, I decided I’d been thinking about doing some work in the garden for long enough without any action. So, the plan was to get out there and chop the lemon balm bush back in order to make room … Continue reading

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Feathers and environmental protection

One of the upsides of the Internet is having access to quality press from around the world. Now, I wouldn’t like to claim that the media are a true reflection of the state of a nation but they can give … Continue reading

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Which apple tree next?

Today was Apple Day at Helmsley Walled Garden. Last year at the Apple Day, we selected the apple we liked best for a new tree, which should be arriving some time this November. Now, we were on the quest for … Continue reading

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Another colleague happy

This week, I’ve taken advantage of the still light evenings after work to clear up the autumn garden. The nasturtiums continue to thrive, so I am leaving them for the bees to enjoy while they are still about. On the … Continue reading

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Knickers in a twist*

This afternoon, I went past a police video van at just over the speed limit (I think). Upshot – kicking myself in case it was operating and I was indeed going too fast. The antidote to the spike in anxiety … Continue reading

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If only nasturtiums were tomatoes…

In my eagerness to get as many tomatoes as possible I left them in the ground too long. I kept what I thought were healthy fruit but after only a few days they have become a watery, white-furred mess. So, … Continue reading

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