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Melting the concrete

The unrelenting hot, sunny weather, coupled with the dearth of rain, means that it is going to be hard to plant out the remaining squash and sweetcorn. I’ve managed to clear the ground needed by pouring the contents of the … Continue reading

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A changing dietary landscape

From the age of 16 to 26 years old, I was an ovo-lacto-vegetarian. It wasn’t hard, in the sense that I ever felt tempted to eat meat. It was hard in the sense that there was often little choice of … Continue reading

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‘Sorry for the lack of vegetables…’

When I went to my local organic farm today, there was a note apologising for the fact that, due to lack of rain, there were no vegetables for sale. So, it’s not just me then! However, the shop-bought parsley I … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Stone

It doesn’t look like the fence on the left side of my garden is going to go up any time soon but I have been making plans for such an eventuality. There’s no point in continuing with the business as … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t like to party?

This weekend gone, we were at Old Sleningford Farm for a magnificent party. I didn’t manage to speak to all of the 100 or so guests but every conversation was worth having. I also got some dancing in! Anyway, during … Continue reading

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Wind damage

There have been worse gales than the one we had on Thursday. In fact, the wind wasn’t that strong really. It was just strong and my garden didn’t like it. I am sure the tomato plants will recover. The flowers … Continue reading

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Nutrition and ground cover

I had originally been going to write a post about the colour red, having seen the beautiful blooms on my rose this year. Last year, there were hardly any flowers, so it was a little disappointing. There are also the … Continue reading

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Drooping rhubarb

This afternoon, I received an email from Bedford Fields, a forest garden just north of Leeds city centre, about what’s happening there. One thing for sure is that it hasn’t been raining. Funny to think that in all the time … Continue reading

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My current read is Feral by George Monbiot, which discusses his vision for returning the uplands of Britain, such as Snowdonia and the North York Moors, to a more natural state, put in simplistic terms. In a post I wrote … Continue reading

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The rain keeps running away

On Tuesday, there was an horrific multiple pile-up on the M62, which had major repercussions for getting home that evening. So, I eventually got off the standstill bus and ran to the train station. I got even more exercise by … Continue reading

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