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Plants for a Future Appeal

Today, I’m indulging in a spot of reading. One thing leading to another I have thus ended up on the Plants for a Future website. I believe this to be an important charity, as it enables people to select plants … Continue reading

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Two ounces of caraway seed

The forecast was for rain this evening, so it seemed appropriate to collect the caraway seed, which has been drying on the plants in the recent hot, dry weather. Just as well I did collect it, as we have had … Continue reading

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A bean pod

Every year, I vow that I will water more than I did the last year. It doesn’t happen. Except this year. I might still not be watering enough – there comes a point where the cost of watering outweighs the … Continue reading

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Starting on the garden makeover

Since the fence between my neighbour and I went up on Saturday, I’ve been able to evaluate in context the way I would like my garden to go. It already feels more like a garden, being more enclosed, although a … Continue reading

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My love of birds grows

This evening, a blackbird has been hiding in the strawberry undergrowth a lot. That is to say, each time I go into the garden it scuttles away to safety (relatively speaking). I’m really intrigued. What is it so determined to … Continue reading

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The difference a fence makes

At last, the day has arrived when I came home to a new fence down the east side of my back garden. The photo makes it look a bit wonky, which in fact it isn’t. However, my neighbour herself is … Continue reading

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The parts the dew don’t reach

Having commented last night that the garden looked remarkable green, in spite of the lack of rainfall, tonight I’ve noticed that one particular plant is starting to suffer. Just look at the leaves on this currant bush (not sure if … Continue reading

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