Heat hiatus

It has actually cooled down over the last day or so but the hiatus meant in the title of this post is the difficulty our temperatures and lack of precipitation are posing for gardening activities. In other words, not a lot is getting down, apart from watering and pulling out dead vegetation.

However, heat-loving crops such as the sweetcorn are happy. Some more than others, which leads me to wonder what the different between this plot

and this one


Could the extra height of the first set of corn be attributable to the shelter afforded by the compost bin or does the corn in the second photo feel crowded out by the beans and cucumber. Maybe the shorter plants are putting more energy into growing cobs instead of height or the soil by the bin is more fertile.

Whatever the cause, I am hopeful of my first decent sweetcorn crop in years. I wish I could say the same about the cucumbers.

About Helen

I have always been interesting in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and used to do what I could. Now, I have come to realise that we have reached such a point in terms of environmental degradation that it is more important - perhaps - to focus on building resilience. I therefore do as much as I can to reuse, grow my own and encourage a supportive community, for example. I also keep reading and learning all the time.
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10 Responses to Heat hiatus

  1. Lets hope the cucumbers get what they need soon

  2. You really are suffering the excess heat and lack of rain. Your corn is looking good!

    • Helen says:

      Thank you, Alys. Our drought is nothing compared to what you have suffered but it shows you how vulnerable we are in spite of artificial intelligence and GMO etc etc.

      • It’s shocking, isn’t it? It’s a terrible summer around the globe. Those fires in Greece are devastating. Here it feels like half the state is on fire. The wildfires are huge, spreading in an unusual fashion, and fueled by dry brush, dead trees and careless people.

        • Helen says:

          I had heard about the fires in California. How close are they to where you are?

          • We’re a safe distance from most of them, but we’re getting the yellow haze and smoke. I live in the Bay Area, which is mid-state. The worst fire is in Mendocino county where we spent our honeymoon many years ago. We’re all hoping we can get through August and September without too many more. Cal Fire is stretched pretty thin. I heard today that firefighters are coming from Australia to help.

          • Helen says:

            I found out from my neighbour that there was a fire in our country park this summer. Fortunately, the fire brigade got it under control within the afternoon, so by the time I got home I thought it was just other neighbours having yet another fire in their back garden.
            I really hope you won’t have anymore fires.

  3. Interesting questions … beans are a nitrogen fixer so they should be feeding the corn. Three sisters which is corn, beans and cucumber grow famously together .. My corn has never minded being crowded .. It doesn’t much like the wind though 🙂

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