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Self-seeded cherry tomatoes

Last year was awful for blight on my tomatoes and I was lazy about clearing up the fallen fruit. What I hadn’t expected was for these to grow into new plants this summer. They took their time about it, not … Continue reading

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No qualms whatsoever!

A friend yesterday identified what I thought was a hawthorn bush at the back of the garden as cotoneaster! Just as well I didn’t pick the berries and make jelly, although in all probability they are not that toxic. But … Continue reading

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A surprise harvest

Most of the time, food comes in from the garden in dribs and drabs. I pick what I need for that meal and leave the rest till it’s wanted. However, as I’m determined to avoid the dreaded blight this year, … Continue reading

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Another neglected corner

There is a certain satisfaction in clearing the garden. Even though in the long run I would like to have a garden which is full all year, with as little bare ground as possible, knowing what I know now and … Continue reading

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All trussed up

It’s raining buckets right now – my weather app was accurate for a change: rain started promptly, just as I had finished today’s round of painting. Getting at the final panel on the new fence required cutting down the fennel … Continue reading

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The snail is oblivious

Today, I had new windows fitted, so hopefully the house will be warmer in winter and simultaneously the heating bills will go down. In the meantime, whilst the work was going on inside the house I busied myself with some … Continue reading

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A feeling of space

After a somewhat disrupted night’s sleep due to four young ladies having a ‘sleep-over’, I decided the best way to keep awake until this bedtime was to crack on with the fence-painting. There is now one panel left on the … Continue reading

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