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Frozen ground

In my school geography class I learned that frost was good for killing germs in the soil. Now, I don’t know if that is an issue in my garden but whether or not I will be able to do my … Continue reading

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A wood without paths

One thing that needs sorting out in my garden is the paths. The root cause of my knee problem could be the amount of twisting as I navigate across bricks and ill-places paving stones to hang the washing out and … Continue reading

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The last of the JA whoppers?

Since the yew and hazel trees I ordered from The Woodland Trust have now arrived at my parents’, it was time to get the Jerusalem artichokes out of the ground. The tree isn’t going in exactly this spot but I … Continue reading

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Another use for the plastic liner

Having decided that the plastic liner I acquired for the pond is no good for this purpose, all is not lost. When I made the raised bed at the back of the garden, I was concerned about the soil rotting … Continue reading

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One month and a half till March

With so much work to be done over the autumn and winter, I haven’t felt the urge for the new gardening year to begin until just now. But then I got a seed catalogue from The Seed Co-operative, a company … Continue reading

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Grand challenges: Food for Thought

Over the last week, I’ve been beavering away at another online course through FutureLearn. In contrast to the recent ones on growing, this one is about eating. Or rather sustainable food. There are many questions I would like answered regarding … Continue reading

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Convalescence activities

It’s not often I spend a day reading but yesterday I threw in the towel and learned a lot from the Internet (novels I can only read in paper form). On my metaphorical travels, I came across legal information pertaining … Continue reading

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Nasturtiums in January

Sometimes procrastination can be good. I had intended to take a photo of the nasturtiums in the front garden in December, as I was pleased they were still on the go then. Anyway, this never happened but as I was … Continue reading

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A ladybird on the mint

On my list of jobs for today was to move the finishing off compost bin to the back of the garden. Before I moved it, though, I had a go at removing some couch grass and brambles from the space … Continue reading

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Seedballs in small spaces

Before setting off for the annual Wassail at Old Sleningford Farm, I managed a few minutes in my own garden. Not a particularly onerous task but one that gave me immense satisfaction. At the Permaculture Ambassadors’ Conference in Birmingham last … Continue reading

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