Seedballs in small spaces

Before setting off for the annual Wassail at Old Sleningford Farm, I managed a few minutes in my own garden. Not a particularly onerous task but one that gave me immense satisfaction.

At the Permaculture Ambassadors’ Conference in Birmingham last April, we had been offered seedballs. These had seeds for a number of different plants, including wild garlic, red sorrel and yarrow.

I put some down when I got home but there was virtually no rain from then until September and not surprisingly nothing came of the sowing. However, after mulling over what to put in two rather slim beds, I remembered the seedballs and decided these would be excellent for them.

Thus, there are now seedballs scattered in the mini raised bed at the very back of the garden

as well as by the slope to the pond.

There is also phacelia sown on the ground between the pond and the fence. I doubt this seed is viable after being in the airing cupboard for a number of years but if it does germinate, it will be great to have some vegetation growing in this difficult space (dry and shady).

As for the slope, I hope something will grow from the seedballs, as vegetation in this spot should make the pond more attractive for creatures interested in using the water. I’m also curious to see if there is a difference in what grows here, compared with the back border.


About Helen

I have always been interesting in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and used to do what I could. Now, I have come to realise that we have reached such a point in terms of environmental degradation that it is more important - perhaps - to focus on building resilience. I therefore do as much as I can to reuse, grow my own and encourage a supportive community, for example. I also keep reading and learning all the time.
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4 Responses to Seedballs in small spaces

  1. skyeent says:

    I have to say Helen that the airing cupboard is not the recommended storage place for seeds! May be alright for seed germination instead of a propagator for a very short period perhaps…. Fingers crossed for the seedballs.

    • Helen says:

      Luckily enough, the phacelia seems to have germinated in spite of being in the airing cupboard – and being old!

      The seedballs weren’t kept in the airing cupboard, though. They might germinate this spring as they’ll have had the chance to get wet, unlike last year. On the other hand, I’m not sure what all the plants look like, so I might not be sure if what I get is what comes from the seedballs. Anyway, time will tell.

I love to read about your own experiences and any other feedback you have, so look forward to your comments below.

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