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Garlic mustard and other surprises

Last year, I acquired a sheep’s fleece and I made a loom with the aim of weaving a mat. Except I decided to have a go at using the drop spindle I’d bought my daughter as she had been fascinated … Continue reading

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At last, we have some April….

showers. The soil has gone from being a lighter shade of pale to a medium that looks like it might have life in it. And not before time, as the dogwood (not in the photo) was starting to look very … Continue reading

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Nibbling the dandelion

Over lunch, I watched with fascination as a variety of birds came into the garden. One in particular caused great amusement, for after it had supped from the pond it turned its attention to something green. Who would have thought … Continue reading

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Decision: rotten not pungent

After I built a mini hugelbed by the backdoor I planted the wild garlic I’d dug up from its original bed. In the interim, it had been in a pot which became waterlogged and there was a veritable stench. As … Continue reading

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A beautiful Easter

Carr House Farm in the Yorkshire Wolds opened its doors for Good Friday and in addition to buying a few months’ supply of bread flour, I took a walk round to see how the farm looked in spring time. A … Continue reading

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Soapwort and tulips

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the tulips in the front garden to open. We’re not completely there yet but there is more purple, my favourite colour, than there was yesterday. Somewhat hidden amongst the greenery is a recent … Continue reading

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A pheasant joins the crowd

It seems that the pond may be an attraction for a bird I’d never seen near my garden before: I couldn’t believe my eyes, as this is the first pheasant I’ve ever seen in the area. Perhaps he was on … Continue reading

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