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The ups and downs of the tomato plants

Earlier in the summer, I reported that my tomatoes were struggling. Then the plant in the pot near the pond leapt ahead and is now laden with tomatoes. Unfortunately, it has been somewhat neglected and apart from being parched it … Continue reading

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River Cottage Festival

I’m so glad we went the festival held at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage in Devon this weekend. Being outdoors with others who are inclined to share one’s views is relaxing, if nothing else. However, of course, there is also always … Continue reading

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Gobbling up the crab apples

Last week, I was concerned about a moulting pigeon. It looked in a tattered state with its head and neck feathers gone and seemed to be hanging around the garden rather forlornly. However, I now know why it is spending … Continue reading

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Protecting marine life from plastic

I rarely reblog a post but I think this one. Fishing 4 Litter, on the official blog for the North York Moors is important to disseminate. By now, I would have thought most people are aware that plastic is a … Continue reading

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Where’s the vigour then?

When I bought my pond plant in order to oxygenate the water, I was warned that it might take over and I think it is even banned in Ireland because of this. However, I don’t personally see the threat: True, … Continue reading

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A waste of money?

After waxing lyrical about my bokashi composting system in the early days, I am now ready to accept its downside and move on. The final straw came this morning when I emptied the bottom of the regular compost bin to … Continue reading

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Moulting behaviour

Last night when I popped out into the back garden, I accidentally scared a pigeon. I hadn’t seen it in the undergrowth, although I dare say if I had I would still have needed to go outside. In any case, … Continue reading

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Before I drown…

It’s that time of year when the strawberry plants start shooting out their runners. The plants I have are not just good fruit producers but they are experts at reproduction. Hence: Unfortunately, I doubt a strawberry plant, no matter how … Continue reading

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Out-of-date sesame seeds

I’ve had a large packet of sesame seeds in my cupboard for quite some time. At least two years. As they came from Fuel for Schools (The Real Junk Food Project, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts), they might well … Continue reading

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Yuk and yak

Has your life been disrupted because of recent floods or power cuts? I met a lady on the shuttle bus to the British Wool Show yesterday who had flown in from New York, only to find there were no trains … Continue reading

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