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One cane many fruit

Never having grown raspberries before, I had no idea how many fruit I would get this year from the one cane my mum gave me for my birthday. I’m not sure I’ve ever picked them at the farm where I … Continue reading

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Ripe enough?

Do you have difficulty deciding when crops are ripe enough to pick? As a general rule, yes I do, except in the case of fruits such as raspberries and strawberries. A case in point is the fat hen which decided … Continue reading

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Harvesting begins

One minute the fennel seeds seemed not to be ripe, the next moment they were starting to fall off the plants. Now, I don’t want my garden to be full of nothing but fennel and I think a herbalist might … Continue reading

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Elephant in the wood

Today, I’ve managed to use up all my energy on a walk through local woods, so gardening will have to yet again be postponed. I did however pick some tasty apples from our village community garden and some amazing rosehips … Continue reading

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Demise of the worm

This post is principally to give you the link to a recent article in the Independent, regarding the effect of microplastics on worms. Basically, it is not good news for worms and in turn it is not good news for … Continue reading

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Stank Hall Barn

This Saturday, we visited another property on the Heritage Open Day list: Stank Hall Barn in the Morley area. It’s almost opposite the White Rose Centre and couldn’t have been a more different cultural experience. As you can see in … Continue reading

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Collecting runners

Earlier in the year there was an advert on Freegle requesting strawberry plants or runners. I replied to offer some of my runners in the autumn and today I duly dug out a bagful, ready for their recipient tomorrow. The … Continue reading

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National Food Strategy – Call for evidence

Twitter has come in useful again! Whilst scrolling through the tweets, I saw one from Hodmedod which introduced a consultation which Defra has set up. The aim is to use evidence to inform a better food policy, which feeds all … Continue reading

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Heritage Open Days

A bit late to the party, I was only recently introduced to Heritage Open Days, which are a ‘festival of history and culture’, according to the aforementioned website. In other words, they are an opportunity to be given a guided … Continue reading

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A gladioli in the bog garden

Earlier in the year, one of the other members of my Knit and Natter group gave me a plant for my bog garden. It had been in her garden but she couldn’t remember what it was. Over the past few … Continue reading

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