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Stepping into winter mode

On the way home from my parents’, we at last paid a visit to Sherwood Forest, which included a walk to the Major Oak, purportedly to be about a thousand years old. This was not however the highlight of my … Continue reading

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Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs

I’ve been asked to write another post in my app in order to see if there is a comments box this time. Fortuitously, I found a variety of bulbs this afternoon, which were on my garden shopping list, so I … Continue reading

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Waiting for the raised bed

This is just a short post, ostensibly to create one written in a web browser rather than on the app, so that WP engineers can take a look at what is going on with my site in more detail. If … Continue reading

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Expecting it to be green…

On Sunday, I decided to take the plunge and use some of the fat hen (Chenopodium album L.) seeds I had collected from the garden in a loaf of bread. Of course, I forgot to soak the seeds beforehand but … Continue reading

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November Composting Champions workshops

No, we are not in November yet but Halloween is upon us and that means lots of opportunities to eat pumpkin. (Some great recipes are available on the Hubbub website.) It’s also the time when most of the pumpkins that … Continue reading

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Towton Battlefield

On Friday, I had feared I was going to lose my car. While this might have been good for the environment, at the moment public transport doesn’t do the job it could, so it would have been impossible for me … Continue reading

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No let-up!

If you are in the U.K., you may be forgiven for thinking this post is a moan about the incessant rain. However, as it appears to be doing my garden some good – ah, the sandy loam is coming into … Continue reading

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A-buzz about something

Yesterday, we went to see what was on offer at Leeds Light Night, where the city centre is lit up in more or less interesting ways. With a tired and cantankerous child in tow, we ended up in the University … Continue reading

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Not the only one who can’t tell the time

Yesterday, I came out of class at 1, thinking it was 12. I then missed a meeting, turning up an hour late because I thought it was 1:30 when, in fact, it was 2:30. Feeling a bit of numpty, I … Continue reading

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Boxes full

Yesterday evening, I picked up three boxes of glass jars from a grateful lady in North Leeds. Since her husband had stopped driving, she had built up quite a collection in the garage and would undoubtedly have loved me to … Continue reading

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