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Less produce, more fun

This morning, I read an article with a clip of a puffin scratching itself with a stick in The Washington Post. The puffin wasn’t in the newspaper, by the way, but somewhere in Iceland. My reason for sharing it with … Continue reading

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Summer snowflake (L. aestivum)

Of course, it is too early to say there will be no snow this winter but after all the rain since forever it seems, at least the plants in my garden which like moist conditions must be loving it. I … Continue reading

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In August, I picked up a bag of merino and yak fleece from the British Wool Show in York. At that point, I simply enjoyed spinning it into yarn without a thought for what the yarn would become. However, after … Continue reading

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British chickpeas

I never thought I would see the day when I could buy chickpeas grown in Britain! But lo, here they are. Last December was my first order from Hodmedod but at that time there weren’t any of one of my … Continue reading

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A smell of blackcuurant

I’d expected it to be raining and windy when I got up this morning, so was pleased that it was in fact fine for the job I had had planned for today: moving one of the currant bushes. The two … Continue reading

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An early Christmas present for a Freegler

Christmas seems to be more and more of an anti-climax each year – a brief interlude of boredom before the hope of a new year. I was therefore taken by surprise this afternoon, when a Freegler messaged to wish me … Continue reading

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Hellebores and holly

Two hellebores had been sitting on my patio for a number of weeks, waiting for me to do some clearing up in the front garden. I’d been inspired to add them to the collection after seeing hellebores intermingled with snowdrops … Continue reading

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Shots and shoots

I had my first go at archery today with Towton Battlefield Society. With only one pair of gloves between us (leather to protect our fingers on the bow), my daughter and I had to take it in turns, which I … Continue reading

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How long will they take to rot?

The big apple tree needed a good prune: Branches were growing into the shed and the fence, cluttering up the centre of the tree and pointing upwards. So, the bypass loppers came out today and off came a fair amount … Continue reading

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A new way of turning

I vow every Monday to start the morning by reading a book but it rarely happens. Something always seems to get in the way. Today, was different and I luxuriated in the peacefulness of my latest tome without a shadow … Continue reading

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