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Of course, as the rain subsides, the pond goes down, so I can imagine that mine will soon look like this: This would be a great shame for the birds that have started to visit the pond once again, now … Continue reading

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No need to fear a glut

Northern Rail was spectacularly bad this morning. Sunday might not be the best day to travel out of my village by train but I missed the opportunity to do a Nålebinding workshop in York due to a mixture of train … Continue reading

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Muck in day at St Aidan’s

Until relatively recently, there was an open cast mine between the villages of Woodlesford, Swillington, Methley and Great & Little Preston, just southeast of Leeds. Then it flooded and was taken over by the RSPB, becoming St Aidan’s Nature Reserve. … Continue reading

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Too warm for parsnips

Has anyone else noticed parsnips tasting off this year? I thought it was just me leaving my share of them when collecting my vegetables from the local organic farm. But today I noticed the donations box (where people leave unwanted … Continue reading

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Back to the clothing exchange

On Saturday, the queue to get into Leeds Community Clothing Exchange was unusually long. The immediate positive from this was that people in the queue talked to each other. However, I do hope the queue also means in the longer … Continue reading

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The January tulip

When I bought a bag of tulips in the reduced aisle a couple of weeks ago, I could already see that they were starting to sprout. No wonder, as they were in a heated environment. I wasn’t unduly surprised either … Continue reading

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The disappearance of Lead

After almost scoring a bull’s eye this morning at the monthly Towton Battlefield Society longbow practice, we took a walk across the field to a medieval church I had noticed from the window of the pub which kindly lets us … Continue reading

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A less interesting street

I haven’t been able to get out in the garden over the last week, so there is nothing to write about on this front. The boiler broke down again, which meant prime gardening time was taken up waiting for an … Continue reading

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Same again please

I don’t take my bins out for collection very often, as there is no need, with nothing in them which is going to start smelling and attracting rats. It therefore came as something of a surprise when half of my … Continue reading

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Too soon, too late

Around the start of the year, I noticed the rhubarb was behaving peculiarly. Or perhaps the soil around the crown was simply falling away. But no, it seems to be sprouting. Considering this variety of rhubarb has normally only started … Continue reading

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