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Through Leeds Rotters Composting Champions, I have come across a nationwide scheme to help build soil and grow food. This scheme, ShareWaste, brings together people who have food waste to donate and people who would love to compost it. The … Continue reading

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Fat for the birds

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to make some fat balls for the garden birds. But have you ever tried to do this? At first, it seemed straightforward enough, mixing the seeds into the fat on … Continue reading

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Between the floods and the flowers

On the way to York on Wednesday, my daughter exclaimed ‘Look at the fields!’ With crochet in hand, there was no time to put it down and find my phone for a photograph, so the nearest image to illustrate the … Continue reading

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A hellebore flower

Have hellebores become fashionable this year or have I just noticed people talking about them for the first time? One of my colleagues was telling me her garden is full of them, all different flower colours and size stems. In … Continue reading

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An impulse purchase

I didn’t think archery would be on at The Crooked Billet this morning, it being a bit on the windy side. That said, it was calm when we left the house, so it seemed reasonable to take a look. If … Continue reading

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Cordon bleu

We have been lucky today. The rain has been light and intermittent. The wind only started to get up once we were heading home. Neither stopped me pondering over the front garden as I unloaded the car. I had noticed … Continue reading

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At it again!

After a lull in crocheting, for wont of something to make, I hit upon the idea of pots for the kalanchoe I took to the office. The colleague who I share the office with is also a keen gardener and … Continue reading

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Not quite such a damp squib

This morning, I woke up to rain but when I looked out the French doors at the back it was reasonably light and the wind seemed bearable. As I had just offered a lady on Freegle most of my collection … Continue reading

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The continuing battle against the unwanted

With spring making its mark on the garden in unexpected ways (eg tulips popping up now!), I was curious to see what was going on right at the back. And the little trip up there bore fruit, so to speak. … Continue reading

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February observations

For the first time in a month, I have felt like thinking about the garden. And once it got light this morning, I first wanted to get a good look at the daffodils which are coming up round the gooseberry … Continue reading

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