End of August (oops, that should read July!) flower round-up

My flowers might not be the magnificent display that I see elsewhere in the blogging world but they have brought a smile to my face when I’ve popped out for a breather this week.

The first batch of runner beans have started to flower, so fingers crossed for a good crop of them towards autumn. I wonder how many other varieties of beans there will be from this sowing.
The nasturtiums have enjoyed the rain this summer. And it’s such fun to see them poking through the hazel tree. This was quite dumpy last year but seems to be putting on a spurt this year.
The hosta I got last year for the bog garden. It doesn’t seem to mind the full sun or the lack of bog.
A new and interesting flower has grown in the pond. I wasn’t quite expecting this!
Now, I definitely did not plant any crocosmia corms here. It will have to come out in due course but for the time being its orange bloom is welcome.
Now, I’m not sure what this white flower is. I see it a lot in grass verges and would welcome an identification.

Overall, it seems there are a few puzzles here. Certainly, not all were intended but they provide a healthy distraction from the trials of preparing to teach another online course.

About Helen

I have always been interesting in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and used to do what I could. Now, I have come to realise that we have reached such a point in terms of environmental degradation that it is more important - perhaps - to focus on building resilience. I therefore do as much as I can to reuse, grow my own and encourage a supportive community, for example. I also keep reading and learning all the time.
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12 Responses to End of August (oops, that should read July!) flower round-up

  1. White flower almost looks like osha. Kinda hard to tell from the picture though. Nice post.

  2. Beans, nasturtiums, crocosmia – all so bright at the moment.

  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I think it may be hogweed. If so be careful the giant type has sap which is photo-active – get it on your skin and then get sun on the same spot and it will burn you so if you cut it down keep your skin covered.

    • Helen says:

      To be honest, I think it is yarrow. The leaves aren’t pictured but they are completely different from hogweed (either type). Should really have shown more of the plant but still it is good to be more informed about giant hogweed.

      • skyeent says:

        I thought it might be Yarrow too. Are the leaves very finely divided? It grows as a wild flower here, sometimes with quite a pink tinge.

        • Helen says:

          Yes, the leaves are quite feathery. They are quite beautiful!

          I’m sure it is yarrow growing down the middle of the nearby dual carriage. In this case, we have it as a wildflower, too.

  4. carolee says:

    It’s just the end of July here…end of August there??? Are you in a rush for summer to be over?

    • Helen says:

      Oh my! It must be the weather a few days ago – cold and rainy. Anyway, thank you for point out my error, Carolee. It has definitely been a strange year 😉

  5. Karen says:

    It looks as though nature has gifted you with a few presents. 😊

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