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Unexpected raspberries

The other day, I was disappointed. Whilst picking raspberries, I managed to pull not only the one I wanted off the plant but in doing so, off came the branch with two which were not as yet ripe. Thinking that … Continue reading

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Black cumin

Well, I picked one of the smallest crops I’ve ever had today but it was an experiment of sorts. A few years ago, I attempted to grow cumin but as is often the way, it didn’t get watered enough. I’m … Continue reading

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Kiss The Ground

I almost never watch television but this afternoon have made an exception. First one person and then another on Twitter lauded a film which has just been released, so Kiss The Ground seemed a perfect way to fill a free … Continue reading

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A glorious September morning

My daughter had asked me if I could drive her to school yesterday, as a treat for her birthday. Being on annual leave, it gave me the opportunity to treat myself as well. Over the past six weeks, I had … Continue reading

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Building the bed by the back door

There wasn’t a lot of soil left from excavating the hole for my pond in the winter of 2018, once I’d spread it round the garden. Thus, the bed by the back door had ended up with but a thin … Continue reading

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Commonwealth War Graves Harrogate

Last year, I enjoyed visiting two sites through the Heritage Open Days scheme. I may never even have heard of the places we visited had they not come to my attention through being listed on the website. Such is the … Continue reading

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A walk along Ripon Canal

I was recently introduced to wetlands near Ripon, a small city in North Yorkshire. In spite of going to nearby Old Sleningford Farm for six years, I still don’t know the area terribly well, because we have largely driven to … Continue reading

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Don’t mind us!

It is well and truly harvest time. So, my vegetable share from the local farm has become quite big as well as varied. Nevertheless, it would be such a shame to leave windfalls laying on the ground, even if they … Continue reading

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