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Right to the top

Well, today I emptied out the last of the bags of horse manure. The jury is still out as to whether anymore is procured from the stables near the farm where I buy raw milk and now also sourdough bread, … Continue reading

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The growing bug house

My crab apple tree seemed to lose its leave early this year while the other apple trees are still in leaf. In fact, one or two of them are growing new leaves. Are they confused? It’s therefore too early to … Continue reading

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Picking up the pieces

Two tomato plants, in the small bed by the back door, decided to make their move sometime during the autumn. They’d been spindly little things all summer, then suddenly they were bushes, flowered and started to grow fruit in late … Continue reading

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The boom of traffic!

Now, if you’re like me, you enjoy a walk in the countryside for its tranquility. It’s certainly better if it’s possible to conduct a conversation without shouting. However, I’ve been on two walks this week where the traffic gave a … Continue reading

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It wasn’t me!

Well, the start of another working week commences but first I took a short trip round the garden and now I have a curious event to report. The phone camera doesn’t do the best job of close-ups, so what you … Continue reading

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Snowdrops this year?

The work to remove the Red Campion continues. In fact, it’s nearly all gone – until next year, when no doubt the self-seeded offspring will emerge. However, next year is next year. In the meantime, I have finally planted out … Continue reading

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Seize the day!

I’ve woken in the middle of the night! I can’t say it’s because of excitement about Britain having entered another lockdown but this time round I imagine it will feel a lot less peculiar. No, I think the reason I’ve … Continue reading

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Better beans?

2020 has been a dismal year for beans – at least for me. The molluscs made a meal of the broad beans over winter and it continued from there. Every time I saw a broad bean shoot, it was too … Continue reading

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