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After collecting arrows

I’d intended to do a number of jobs in the garden this morning but managed to fall asleep whilst catching up with a radio programme on BBC Sounds. At least this meant that I had the energy for a little … Continue reading

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Filling in a hole

When I built the pond, I used the soil that had been excavated to build up soil in the raised bed and round the apple trees. However, I don’t remember this dip in the garden: No matter, I have a … Continue reading

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Round the garden in 80 days #42

At the beginning of January, I started a post entitled What’s in a tree? after reading the following article: This post went in Drafts and might never have been seen again, had I not today come across this article: … Continue reading

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First forage of 2021

Now, before anyone thinks I’ve been breaking lockdown rules, I went as far as the back garden to collect a salad for my lunch today. I would say ‘our’ lunch but my daughter was totally underwhelmed. Instead, she opted for … Continue reading

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Nature’s patterns in frost form

After recent online shenanigans I finally felt as though I’d got my gardening mojo back today. At least insofar as I was able to appreciate the beauty of nature in its winter form. I had to decline the offer of … Continue reading

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What a week, Nextdoor!

Apart from being rushed off my feet at work, this last week has been an attempt to bring a sense of calm back into my life. I have a notion that sometime last year I mentioned having been invited to … Continue reading

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A bowing bay

I got quite a surprise on Thursday morning. It had snowed overnight and quite heavily, so at last the excitement had arrived in my part of the world. I don’t seem to remember, when it last snowed heavily in 2019, … Continue reading

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Dandelions vs couch grass

I thought I’d taken a photo of the pesky couch grass that’s been inhabiting the corner by the patio/pond but it seems not to be in the album. Anyway, I’m sure you know what it looks like as well as … Continue reading

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A few years ago, I joined the Permaculture International Research Network. However, nothing ever seemed to happen and then the email address I was using to access the group went belly up. Along came a revamped group, which was using … Continue reading

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Just as well I decided today was the day to charge my car battery. At the time of writing, I’m waiting for the announcement that England is once more to go into lockdown, the kind of lockdown we had in … Continue reading

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