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Tomorrow might be one of the days we call the start of spring but this last week could have been days in March already. This afternoon I even heard my neighbours cutting their lawns. Of course, I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Be kind to unkind people

Perhaps my sleep patterns have always been deranged but I feel as though they have gone completely loopy since the start of the pandemic. So, this morning with there being such beautiful sunshine, I decided I needed a proper walk … Continue reading

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Rats like raw onions

Now, I’m sure you are already aware that it can be dangerous and counter-productive to generalise from a single incident. The fact is that the generalised title had a better ring to it. Shame! Anyway, while the rat has been … Continue reading

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Not going to make it

The cold snap may be on the wane. Unfortunately, this might be too late for the purple sprouting broccoli. With it being a tad warmer today, I got the secateurs out and pruned the final apple tree as well as … Continue reading

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Last walk in the snow?

Yesterday, I went for a walk round the grounds of Temple Newsam. After dropping off some books at the Little Free Library in Colton the other weekend and being curious about the village, I wanted to go back and explore … Continue reading

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Making new friends

During the first lockdown last spring I heard mention that one of the trying aspects of the situation was not being able to meet new people. As a sociable person myself, I concur with this. However, this evening has seen … Continue reading

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The other day, I got a surprise in my inbox. I had won a prize, an e-book: Now, I hadn’t even been aware that I’d been entering a competition, so it was even more of a pleasant surprise. The idea … Continue reading

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Another hole

Well, there was no snow today (phew!), so I was able to get out into the garden and do another job on my list. In previous years, I have tended to leave the Jerusalem artichokes until they have been almost … Continue reading

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