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There’s an Egyptian in here somewhere

Working backwards, I went for a longer walk in the woods at my local farm this morning. Last week, I’d not been able to explore very far due to a barrier across the path but I noticed the rope had … Continue reading

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So, this is what they think!

Back in January, Garden Organic offered me a £5 discount, which paid for the postage on anti-cabbage white butterfly netting I’d been coveting. I would have bought it anyway because it would be such a shame for the Nine-Star Broccoli … Continue reading

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Spoilt for choice

My daughter had asked if I could give her a lift to school yesterday morning. She is really shattered at the moment, getting used to the two mile walk there and the two mile walk back. No doubt I will … Continue reading

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Charmed on Tuesday

Do you generally feel constrained? The operative words is ‘generally’, ie not to do with Covid restrictions. Yesterday morning was a moment in time when I felt the opposite. It was beautifully sunny and that blend between warm and cool … Continue reading

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Norfolk Police appeal for information after discovery of dead kite, believed shot

While I continue to enjoy the antics of my pigeons, doves and blackbirds, this is what some people get up to! Norfolk Police are appealing for information after the discovery of a dead red kite in the Cockley Cley area … Continue reading

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Isn’t that tree pretty!

It’s only two and a half years ago that we bought the Scrumptious apple tree for my daughter and already she seems to have forgotten which of the trees is hers. ‘Isn’t that tree pretty!’ she exclaimed when she saw … Continue reading

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Reintroduction & Rewilding Summit – this Saturday

I almost never reblog a post, as regular readers will probably be aware. However, the free event advertised below looks like it could be very interesting and so it makes sense to spread the word. Should anyone reading this post … Continue reading

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An untouched apple

Recently, there was a tweet from the Wildlife Trusts about feeding birds at this time of year. Just as it is the hunger gap for us, so it is for them. I asked what I could do for blackbirds and … Continue reading

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Vegetable spaghetti

Determined not to let my seeds fail through lack of watering, I pulled back the curtains in my bedroom to administer the necessary yesterday morning and was confronted with a sight I had not expected quite yet. Along with the … Continue reading

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Speed networking

Ever heard of speed dating? This is where a circle of women sit opposite a circle of men and have three minutes each to introduce themselves before all the men or women have to move to speak to the next … Continue reading

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