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A distraction from work

Somehow my ironing board, aka my desk, has repositioned itself across the front window. This means the curtains need to be closed if I am teaching, so the students can see me on the screen, but otherwise it gives me … Continue reading

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Hirst Wood

On Friday morning, I was out of the house for three hours, which felt such a novelty. I have actually been out for as long as that on other occasions but clearly I needed more. So, the chosen spot for … Continue reading

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A rattle in the undergrowth

After receiving a lungwort from one of my colleagues many moons ago, every year there was just the one plant, which then moved to the front garden. Except that it must have read my mind and decided to self-seed beforehand. … Continue reading

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An unusual houseplant

This morning, upon opening the front curtains, I was greeted by yellow flowers. This wasn’t totally surprising, as the plant had been in bud, but usually the squash are nursed in the shed rather than adorning a windowsill. The surprise … Continue reading

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Not moving but doubling!

Many moons ago, I had a blackberry bush. I’d bought it just as I crashed into a major depression in 2011. I didn’t know very much about horticulture at this point but it amazes me that I had the gumption … Continue reading

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Yep, it’s broccoli

Over the last year (nearly), I have watched the progress of the two types of broccoli growing in the garden. One is annual purple sprouting broccoli, the other perennial Nine-Star Broccoli. Bar the fact that the perennial had had to … Continue reading

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Singing to the cows

When the Beast from the East struck a couple of years ago, the Hebe in the front garden held on by the skin of its teeth. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have survived the winter this time. Having had two … Continue reading

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