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Horizontal juniper

To tell you the truth, I’m fed up of the way my front garden looks. After first visiting the property before I purchased it, I determined the lawn had to go. However, the space is currently too much of a … Continue reading

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Two Ps

The strawberry plants are on the wane. They’ve been in the ground for at least five years now and some had already been removed last year. The process continues, with this afternoon a number of strawberry plants being taken up … Continue reading

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Some would say we are currently experiencing glorious weather in the UK. I’d be inclined to agree but for the fact that my bedroom is south-facing. Perhaps heat and light at bedtime didn’t bother me when I first moved in … Continue reading

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Different types of spin

This morning, I jumped at the chance to meet some fellow spinners at a park in York. I could only chat for an hour, if I was to get back home for our official (online) monthly meeting but it was … Continue reading

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A different lily

The other day, I noticed a flower. What could it be? Then I remembered I’d bought a lily at some point in the spring, bunged it in the front garden then promptly forgotten its existence. How long it had been … Continue reading

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Sourdough – first (and last?) time

I woke up early this morning, excited to bake my first loaves of sourdough bread. By the time my daughter came down to start making lunch, I was disappointed instead. The first loaf out of the oven was leaden and … Continue reading

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It’s here!

Earlier in the year, just before the third lockdown, we took a trip to an Everhot and Aga showroom to investigate an oven which would also be a source of room heating. Or rather I wanted to see the model … Continue reading

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Change and adventure

Some may see change as adventure. Perhaps adventure always includes an element of change. What would you say? Certainly, I feel I have just had a weekend which included adventure and change. The adventure came in the form of a … Continue reading

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