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Sewing an Upcycled T-Shirt Face Mask

Hurray! Today my face shields arrived. However, after reading the post below, I am almost envious of those who can wear a cloth mask. I’ve tried several patterns for face masks over the past few months, but the one I … Continue reading

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Both sides of the border

This last week, we had a few days away, staying in Berwick-upon-Tweed. The original focus of the holiday had been to visit Bamburgh Castle after hearing about the recent finding of Viking remains and artefacts there. However, this turned out … Continue reading

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Busy at home

With the weather being so good last month, I finally got down to painting the garden shed. When I’d first got it, it seemed a shame to cover the new wood – don’t you just love the smell! But then … Continue reading

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Oops… forgot to write a title!

At the end of last month, I managed to squeeze in writing a post but on the whole I have been overwhelmed by the move to teaching online and am only now coming down to earth. One self-care activity I … Continue reading

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Taking matters into my own hands

At the beginning of the year, the neighbour who shares my back garden gate raised the subject of getting it replaced. As you can see in the above photo, it is a little worse for wear. What you can’t see … Continue reading

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Between the floods and the flowers

On the way to York on Wednesday, my daughter exclaimed ‘Look at the fields!’ With crochet in hand, there was no time to put it down and find my phone for a photograph, so the nearest image to illustrate the … Continue reading

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At it again!

After a lull in crocheting, for wont of something to make, I hit upon the idea of pots for the kalanchoe I took to the office. The colleague who I share the office with is also a keen gardener and … Continue reading

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No need to fear a glut

Northern Rail was spectacularly bad this morning. Sunday might not be the best day to travel out of my village by train but I missed the opportunity to do a Nålebinding workshop in York due to a mixture of train … Continue reading

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Back to the clothing exchange

On Saturday, the queue to get into Leeds Community Clothing Exchange was unusually long. The immediate positive from this was that people in the queue talked to each other. However, I do hope the queue also means in the longer … Continue reading

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In August, I picked up a bag of merino and yak fleece from the British Wool Show in York. At that point, I simply enjoyed spinning it into yarn without a thought for what the yarn would become. However, after … Continue reading

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