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At it again!

After a lull in crocheting, for wont of something to make, I hit upon the idea of pots for the kalanchoe I took to the office. The colleague who I share the office with is also a keen gardener and … Continue reading

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No need to fear a glut

Northern Rail was spectacularly bad this morning. Sunday might not be the best day to travel out of my village by train but I missed the opportunity to do a Nålebinding workshop in York due to a mixture of train … Continue reading

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Back to the clothing exchange

On Saturday, the queue to get into Leeds Community Clothing Exchange was unusually long. The immediate positive from this was that people in the queue talked to each other. However, I do hope the queue also means in the longer … Continue reading

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In August, I picked up a bag of merino and yak fleece from the British Wool Show in York. At that point, I simply enjoyed spinning it into yarn without a thought for what the yarn would become. However, after … Continue reading

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A funny shape

I had a moment of excitement followed by a fairly swift disappointment this evening. When we moved into the house ten years ago, I’d been making spinach pie, only to discover that the oven didn’t work. However, whilst making beeswax … Continue reading

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Stank Hall Barn

This Saturday, we visited another property on the Heritage Open Day list: Stank Hall Barn in the Morley area. It’s almost opposite the White Rose Centre and couldn’t have been a more different cultural experience. As you can see in … Continue reading

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Heritage Open Days

A bit late to the party, I was only recently introduced to Heritage Open Days, which are a ‘festival of history and culture’, according to the aforementioned website. In other words, they are an opportunity to be given a guided … Continue reading

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River Cottage Festival

I’m so glad we went the festival held at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage in Devon this weekend. Being outdoors with others who are inclined to share one’s views is relaxing, if nothing else. However, of course, there is also always … Continue reading

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Yuk and yak

Has your life been disrupted because of recent floods or power cuts? I met a lady on the shuttle bus to the British Wool Show yesterday who had flown in from New York, only to find there were no trains … Continue reading

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The great sheep debate

For many years, beef was criticised as the most environmentally unfriendly meat but there appeared to be little mention of mutton or lamb. Now, there has been a surge in concern because of the methane sheep produce. I have my … Continue reading

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