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Isn’t that tree pretty!

It’s only two and a half years ago that we bought the Scrumptious apple tree for my daughter and already she seems to have forgotten which of the trees is hers. ‘Isn’t that tree pretty!’ she exclaimed when she saw … Continue reading

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Vegetable spaghetti

Determined not to let my seeds fail through lack of watering, I pulled back the curtains in my bedroom to administer the necessary yesterday morning and was confronted with a sight I had not expected quite yet. Along with the … Continue reading

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The third rinse

Last weekend, a pair of my daughter’s leggings came out of the washing machine with noticeable holes on the thigh. We knew the culprit must be the wire which came out of some clothes last July, but I was in … Continue reading

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While I’m on hold

Yesterday, I went for the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The side effects came on more or less as soon as I got home, which put paid to the rest of my day of annual leave being for anything … Continue reading

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Are the tulips early?

Time has a habit of distorting memories, so perhaps last March the tulips were eager to flower whilst the hellebores was in full bloom. On the other hand, it seems particularly unlikely that the snowdrops and tulips were out at … Continue reading

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Back to the stables

Further proof that the horse manure is doing some good in the garden came the other day when I noticed what the blackbirds had been up to in the main garlic bed. I don’t know if the birds were successful … Continue reading

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Tomorrow might be one of the days we call the start of spring but this last week could have been days in March already. This afternoon I even heard my neighbours cutting their lawns. Of course, I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Rats like raw onions

Now, I’m sure you are already aware that it can be dangerous and counter-productive to generalise from a single incident. The fact is that the generalised title had a better ring to it. Shame! Anyway, while the rat has been … Continue reading

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Not going to make it

The cold snap may be on the wane. Unfortunately, this might be too late for the purple sprouting broccoli. With it being a tad warmer today, I got the secateurs out and pruned the final apple tree as well as … Continue reading

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Making new friends

During the first lockdown last spring I heard mention that one of the trying aspects of the situation was not being able to meet new people. As a sociable person myself, I concur with this. However, this evening has seen … Continue reading

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