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Wonderful things in small packages

On Friday, I picked two butternut squash, which were small but most welcome. Then clearing up the vibes yesterday, I discovered another two, which were even smaller but still most welcome. At Old Sleningford Farm, their squash seem to get … Continue reading

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Now you see me, now you don’t!

My neighbours are no doubt wondering why I chose today of all days to do two hours work in the garden. It is cold and raining – usually the way when I want to turn the compost heap. Unusually, I … Continue reading

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From radio interviews to ground elder

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a BBC radio producer asking if I would mind being interviewed for one of their programmes (it isn’t to do with gardening or use of buses etc). The upshot is that this lunchtime … Continue reading

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Saving the sand

After last night’s work, clearing ground to enable me to do some shifting around in the garden, I kept the momentum up this afternoon by doing the next phase of landscaping. Namely, preparing the ground for the dogwood Cornus kesselringii … Continue reading

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This year’s unproductive patch

I’m going to be doing a lot of moving backwards and forwards over the next few months in order to wiggle everything into the garden. So, this evening I made space for the stones and other paraphernalia on my patio … Continue reading

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Fruits of exploration

Yesterday was yet another journey of discovery. I went for a second walk through St Aidan’s Nature Reserve, this time with a friend who had an ambition to climb a hill which she hadn’t wanted to tackle alone. Before we … Continue reading

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Self-seeded cherry tomatoes

Last year was awful for blight on my tomatoes and I was lazy about clearing up the fallen fruit. What I hadn’t expected was for these to grow into new plants this summer. They took their time about it, not … Continue reading

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