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A scattering of buckwheat

During the heatwave last week, the purple sprouting broccoli seedlings in the shed got forgotten. Just for a day. They were cooped up without fresh air and water, so when I finally remembered them, they were more than a little … Continue reading

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Got them all out

Last year, there was one tomato plant. It was quite prolific – but I’m hoping for better this year, having found space dotted around the garden for seven plants in all. The last of them was planted out yesterday, having … Continue reading

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Field and Flower

On Sunday, we drove out to a place called Altofts to collect some books that a kind gentleman had offered me on Nextdoor, an app which connects neighbours (who sign up). Altofts isn’t actually next door, however, so in order … Continue reading

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Let the glut commence

As always, I wait with bated breath as we approach June. Will there be a decent strawberry crop and when will it start? The first few strawberries are eaten before they are fully ripe. Just in case a bird should … Continue reading

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Only three!

If you have apple trees, how are they bearing up this year? As you may already have read, the apple tree at the back of the garden, the oldest, didn’t produce any blossom this year. Ironically, the codling month traps … Continue reading

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Taking shelter

Well, we’ve gone from impending drought to a bout of extended rain. Not that the garden is complaining. For example, after a hiatus of a few weeks, the rhubarb is starting to poke its head above ground again. And I … Continue reading

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Popping up

I got quite excited at the weekend. Shoots were starting to appear where two weeks ago I’d sown a mixture of beans by covering them with manure. Upon inspection, these shoots turned out to be nasturtiums, which are also welcome … Continue reading

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GCSE Natural History Consultation Hub

I’d love to be able to contribute to the consultation below but don’t feel I have the necessary background. However, I’m pleased that the government is planning a GCSE in Natural History. Wouldn’t this have been great to study at … Continue reading

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Busy at home

With the weather being so good last month, I finally got down to painting the garden shed. When I’d first got it, it seemed a shame to cover the new wood – don’t you just love the smell! But then … Continue reading

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Bolting onions

My curiosity has been piqued by a bolting onion near the pond. I’m not sure I ever planted an onion set in this place, so I’m baffled as to how it ended up here. Perhaps it ended up by the … Continue reading

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