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Horizontal juniper

To tell you the truth, I’m fed up of the way my front garden looks. After first visiting the property before I purchased it, I determined the lawn had to go. However, the space is currently too much of a … Continue reading

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Two Ps

The strawberry plants are on the wane. They’ve been in the ground for at least five years now and some had already been removed last year. The process continues, with this afternoon a number of strawberry plants being taken up … Continue reading

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Some would say we are currently experiencing glorious weather in the UK. I’d be inclined to agree but for the fact that my bedroom is south-facing. Perhaps heat and light at bedtime didn’t bother me when I first moved in … Continue reading

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A different lily

The other day, I noticed a flower. What could it be? Then I remembered I’d bought a lily at some point in the spring, bunged it in the front garden then promptly forgotten its existence. How long it had been … Continue reading

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Rosemary beetle damage

Thanks to Clare Pooley, I was able to identify a spectacular-looking beetle which I saw on some lemon balm in the back garden last week. It is a rosemary beetle (Chrysolina americana) and it is a shame that it could … Continue reading

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The results of last autumn’s new bed

On a roll with soil building last autumn, having discovered I could get manure almost on tap earlier in the year, I set about transforming the bed by the back door. First, I covered the very thin layer of soil … Continue reading

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Day lily flowers

The other day, I noticed that not only the globe artichoke was in flower but that the day lilies had also added their flowers to the tableau. I got these plants as seeds – nine altogether, of which three germinated … Continue reading

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A flower on the globe artichoke

One of the joys of growing a plant I have no horticultural experience of is the suspense. What will happen when? Thus, early this morning, whilst out with the watering can, I saw the beginnings of the first globe artichoke … Continue reading

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Backdoor strawberries

I went for a lovely walk with a friend in Meanwood Park yesterday. Whilst rhododendrons are no longer encouraged, I can see why they were once all the rage. Suffice to say, I wouldn’t think it wise to plant any … Continue reading

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A not-so-impressive flower

Last week, I noticed a huge flower bud on the yukka in the front garden. Then we went away and I completely forgot about it. I didn’t even look up when we returned from our travels on Tuesday evening. So, … Continue reading

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