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Round the garden in 80 days #62

This post features two wildly different objects: a garden light and seeds for natural dyeing. Yes, after months of deliberation, I have made some decisions about the new direction for the garden. I’m not actually making any radical changes beyond … Continue reading

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A faint rustling

A comment to a recent post of mine about the heat in my south-facing bedroom when temperatures rose resulted in my buying some emergency foil blankets. Actually, I thought I was purchasing one but five came through the door. As … Continue reading

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‘A lot more’s been happening in 2020 than ….’*

I haven’t blogged as much this year, neither writing nor reading. I can hardly say it’s because of my busy social life, though in some ways it is. For example, the world has opened up in as far I’ve been … Continue reading

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Herbs for Health

To speak an obvious truth, the pandemic is affecting all our lives and most certainly not always for the best. At the same time, it would be remiss of me to suggest that my life has come to a complete … Continue reading

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Don’t mind us!

It is well and truly harvest time. So, my vegetable share from the local farm has become quite big as well as varied. Nevertheless, it would be such a shame to leave windfalls laying on the ground, even if they … Continue reading

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Thirty a week?

There seemed to be quite a lot of interest in the post ‘Over 60’ I wrote a few days ago. One question I couldn’t answer was how much fruit and veg should we perhaps be consuming in a given time-frame. … Continue reading

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Over 60

Robin Harford is a forager who I receive regular newsletters from. In his most recent he mentioned that the average person eats a range of 20-30 plant foods. I presume that is in say a year rather than in one … Continue reading

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An honest sleep

I don’t know about you but my sleep has been poor over the last few weeks. I put it down to the lack of exercise and work having encroached into my home. Before, I would walk about 5 miles a … Continue reading

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Getting out before we have to stay in

On a weekend when the CEO of Sainsbury sends out an email begging customers not to panic buy, yet the public hysteria appears to continue mounting, I thought it best to go out and support a few local businesses. A … Continue reading

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Holding on

This morning, I was in a restless state – four hours’ sleep a night for weeks on end and more tests in a row than since I did my ‘O’ levels had taken their toll. However, one constant comfort is … Continue reading

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