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An honest sleep

I don’t know about you but my sleep has been poor over the last few weeks. I put it down to the lack of exercise and work having encroached into my home. Before, I would walk about 5 miles a … Continue reading

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Getting out before we have to stay in

On a weekend when the CEO of Sainsbury sends out an email begging customers not to panic buy, yet the public hysteria appears to continue mounting, I thought it best to go out and support a few local businesses. A … Continue reading

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Holding on

This morning, I was in a restless state – four hours’ sleep a night for weeks on end and more tests in a row than since I did my ‘O’ levels had taken their toll. However, one constant comfort is … Continue reading

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Trying to stay sane

Over Christmas and New Year, my body behaved in a way I found disconcerting enough to propel me to the doctor’s. Already feeling anxious, I’ve now found myself cramming my time with activities to divert my thoughts but as I … Continue reading

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Same again please

I don’t take my bins out for collection very often, as there is no need, with nothing in them which is going to start smelling and attracting rats. It therefore came as something of a surprise when half of my … Continue reading

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On the way to buy raw milk

After a post by quercuscommunity on the subject of a dairy selling raw milk in Derbyshire and his help in finding a farm near me where I could also get such milk, I visited Red Lodge Farm, Wakefield, this morning. … Continue reading

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National Food Strategy – Call for evidence

Twitter has come in useful again! Whilst scrolling through the tweets, I saw one from Hodmedod which introduced a consultation which Defra has set up. The aim is to use evidence to inform a better food policy, which feeds all … Continue reading

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Citizen Science: Living Soils, Growing Food

This morning, I had a muscle spasm in my back, which was not only excruciatingly painful but caused me to collapse. So, that put paid to any major gardening activities, though it didn’t stop me sneaking out once or twice … Continue reading

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Hairy Bittercress

Until ten years ago, I walked everywhere – or for long(er) distance journeys, took the train. Then circumstances changed and I got a car. Over time, my life evolved to make use of the car more and more frequently. For … Continue reading

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Industrial food vs organic homegrown food

Watching this short video made me ever so glad I eat largely organic food. Food with my insecticide, no thank you! The Future of Food

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