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Red campion – hair conditioner?

Since learning that the roots of red campion can be a substitute for soap, I have been curious to try them out as such. The thing is, though: I have found no source which shows me how to make the … Continue reading

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Red taking over

It’s a few years since I bought my rose and I moved it from its first spot, so it has taken some time to settle in – maybe three years. But this year the blooms are once more beautiful. I’m … Continue reading

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The verdict on the hosta

It must be at least two years since I learned that hosta is an edible plant. And luckily for me, against all the odds, it grows fine in my forest garden. However, I’d not tried to eat it, not knowing … Continue reading

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Fritillaries and foraging

Today was one of unexpected surprises. My parents had promised us a trip to Rutland Water and in the nearby village of Thistleton. By coincidence, I’d seen a blog post about Tulbaghia violacea ‘Silver Lace’, a perennial garlic with pale … Continue reading

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Grand challenges: Food for Thought

Over the last week, I’ve been beavering away at another online course through FutureLearn. In contrast to the recent ones on growing, this one is about eating. Or rather sustainable food. There are many questions I would like answered regarding … Continue reading

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Looking back, moving forward

I’ve totally up how much produce I got from the garden last year and by my estimations, had I bought this stuff it would have cost me £183. The figure quoted above is down considerably on last year (2017’s was … Continue reading

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The Great British Bean

Ever heard of Hodmedod’s? I discovered this company at the wonderful Hunters of Helmsley, which was selling British-grown fava beans in what appeared to be non-plastic packaging. Moving forward, I eventually got round to looking at the Hodmedod website and … Continue reading

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