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Sourdough – first (and last?) time

I woke up early this morning, excited to bake my first loaves of sourdough bread. By the time my daughter came down to start making lunch, I was disappointed instead. The first loaf out of the oven was leaden and … Continue reading

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It’s here!

Earlier in the year, just before the third lockdown, we took a trip to an Everhot and Aga showroom to investigate an oven which would also be a source of room heating. Or rather I wanted to see the model … Continue reading

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First attempt at homemade dandelion coffee

Following my post ‘Herbs for Health’, I duly got my garden fork out yesterday and dug up a number of dandelion roots and, after giving them a good scrub, put them in the dehydrator. It’s a shame I had dug … Continue reading

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Herbs for Health

To speak an obvious truth, the pandemic is affecting all our lives and most certainly not always for the best. At the same time, it would be remiss of me to suggest that my life has come to a complete … Continue reading

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“Betty Botter bought a bit of butter“

Red Lodge Farm has started selling cream from their raw milk. Or maybe they have always sold it but there was never any on the counter when I arrived until recently. After my last failed attempt to churn a pat … Continue reading

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Unexpected raspberries

The other day, I was disappointed. Whilst picking raspberries, I managed to pull not only the one I wanted off the plant but in doing so, off came the branch with two which were not as yet ripe. Thinking that … Continue reading

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Don’t mind us!

It is well and truly harvest time. So, my vegetable share from the local farm has become quite big as well as varied. Nevertheless, it would be such a shame to leave windfalls laying on the ground, even if they … Continue reading

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Moving online

I hear that more and more people are shopping online these days. Even before the pandemic, it was an increasing trend, but now there appears to be panic that the high street is dying and so we should all get … Continue reading

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Churning butter

Occasionally, I’ve made butter from cream and it has involved a degree of labour – but not as much as today. I was churning away manually with a bowl and whisk. An hour in total and starting to get quite … Continue reading

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Harvest come early

It’s almost a week since I last ventured into WordPress land. Working from 7 in the morning till 6 at night doesn’t help matters. However, it is the weekend, of which I’m already nearing the end of my second day, … Continue reading

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