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A puffer ball

The title of this post is a new word for me. At Helmsley Walled Garden last week, I’d seen the flowers on globe artichokes and decided to touch them. Immediately, the thought of puffer balls came to mind, as the … Continue reading

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Picking from the jungle

Oh, I wish I had more space in my back garden! As soon as I started gardening in earnest back in 2010, I yearned to have a bigger garden than the one I actually had. I was reading like mad, … Continue reading

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Change and adventure

Some may see change as adventure. Perhaps adventure always includes an element of change. What would you say? Certainly, I feel I have just had a weekend which included adventure and change. The adventure came in the form of a … Continue reading

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No longer a perennial

After picking all the florets off the Nine-Star broccoli, I kept an eye on it for more shoots, so that they didn’t turn to flowers. Under its cloche and a layer of micro mesh, however, it was difficult to keep … Continue reading

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A flower on the globe artichoke

One of the joys of growing a plant I have no horticultural experience of is the suspense. What will happen when? Thus, early this morning, whilst out with the watering can, I saw the beginnings of the first globe artichoke … Continue reading

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Not moving but doubling!

Many moons ago, I had a blackberry bush. I’d bought it just as I crashed into a major depression in 2011. I didn’t know very much about horticulture at this point but it amazes me that I had the gumption … Continue reading

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Yep, it’s broccoli

Over the last year (nearly), I have watched the progress of the two types of broccoli growing in the garden. One is annual purple sprouting broccoli, the other perennial Nine-Star Broccoli. Bar the fact that the perennial had had to … Continue reading

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Spoilt for choice

My daughter had asked if I could give her a lift to school yesterday morning. She is really shattered at the moment, getting used to the two mile walk there and the two mile walk back. No doubt I will … Continue reading

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Speed networking

Ever heard of speed dating? This is where a circle of women sit opposite a circle of men and have three minutes each to introduce themselves before all the men or women have to move to speak to the next … Continue reading

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A bumblebee nest

When I was shopping for a rosemary plant last week, I had a look for a cactus dahlia, having been charmed by the ones I saw at River Cottage in the summer of 2019. There weren’t any to my taste … Continue reading

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