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Determined to have parsnips

Yesterday, I shared with you the news that the roots of evening primrose may be like parsnips. And since parsnips are one of my favourite vegetables, it would be a shame to put the seeds I collected in the municipal … Continue reading

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Positive vibrations

This weekend has been a bit different from usual. We went to our first ever festival, although it wasn’t the music kind. The theme was sustainability and was designed to be suitable for families. For anyone who wants to know … Continue reading

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The final herb to be planted outside in the ground is bergamot. It can be used to flavour boiled sweets or as a hair rinse, although whether I ever use it as such or, indeed, am able to remains to … Continue reading

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Sweet cicely

Today at Old Sleningford Farm (it was the volunteer workday), I asked if I could take some sweet cicely seeds. It is said that its leaves can be used to sweeten rhubarb instead of sugar, which would be fantastic. Rhubarb with fewer … Continue reading

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What is your favourite type of bread? Mine is pumpernickel but I can’t get the ingredients to make that and my bread maker would probably struggle, anyway. However, it does do a decent wholemeal rye – as demonstrated by how … Continue reading

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Longing for rosemary

Four of my rosemary seeds germinated and I duly potted them on. Then one of these seedlings went brown and died. On the windowsill that works, of all places. The two seedlings I put in the shed are doing okay, … Continue reading

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First day of the month (Greening up)

The other day we had sleet/hailstones which dampened the garden a little. In spite of the lack of rain (I’ve just heard on the news that we’ve had less than half the usual rainfall for this time of year), the … Continue reading

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