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Rosemary trumps strawberries

After the rosemary had to come indoors on Wednesday evening in order to shelter from the storm (which wasn’t really more than a bit blowy where we are), it needed to get outside as soon as possible. Thus, having woken … Continue reading

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White borage

This year, my borage has fared very poorly. Hardy annual it might be but drought resistant, no. However, it has started to re-emerge, now that we’ve started to get rain again. What I wasn’t expecting was to find a white … Continue reading

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Two ounces of caraway seed

The forecast was for rain this evening, so it seemed appropriate to collect the caraway seed, which has been drying on the plants in the recent hot, dry weather. Just as well I did collect it, as we have had … Continue reading

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An alternative to soapwort?

A year or two back, I read Mark Boyle’s The Moneyless Manifesto, which I found quite inspirational. Now, I am aware that if we didn’t have money, people would find plenty of other ways of being, say, corrupt or envious. … Continue reading

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Ground elder

The warmer weather seems to have galvanised me into working (willingly) in the garden again. Thus, yesterday the first of the bean poles went up and then I wandered round my budding mini forest. It certainly does feel increasingly like … Continue reading

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St Aidan’s Nature Reserve (RSPB)

This morning, as the ‘great thaw’ has started, I got out my secateurs and trimmed the lemon balm bush. I’d forgotten that it had been planted as a single stem in a very small pot, which caused me some amusement … Continue reading

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Determined to have parsnips

Yesterday, I shared with you the news that the roots of evening primrose may be like parsnips. And since parsnips are one of my favourite vegetables, it would be a shame to put the seeds I collected in the municipal … Continue reading

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