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Busy at home

With the weather being so good last month, I finally got down to painting the garden shed. When I’d first got it, it seemed a shame to cover the new wood – don’t you just love the smell! But then … Continue reading

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Life in the pond?

My daughter’s school has been sending out a weekly newsletter with, amongst other things, a list of activities the pupils can undertake in addition to their regular online/paper lessons. She herself has turned her nose up to these but one … Continue reading

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The smallest visitor yet

Almost every time I look out into the back garden, I see a feathered visitor. They fill me with such joy, as I watch them by the pond, grazing their way through the undergrowth or simply sitting in the fence. … Continue reading

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Motivation to move

Over the winter I somewhat lost my gardening mojo, doing only the bare minimum. So some jobs will now have to wait until the autumn. However, with the current lockdown, I have resurrected the custom of talking a stroll round … Continue reading

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A salutary look round the garden

Yesterday, I left my office for what might be several months. At least I still have a job and my employer has loaned me a laptop so I can keep teaching at home. However, I am trying to keep the … Continue reading

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The leap from one strain to another

I’ve got used to the fact that I am not at death’s door, after a series of scans and such at the start of the year. But now we have the coronavirus, which has put the population on high alert. … Continue reading

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What’s that flower in the pond?

I was surprised to wake up to a frost this morning. I also surprised myself by going into the garden to do a spot of work before I’d had some breakfast. The upshot was that I noticed some flowers in … Continue reading

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An impulse purchase

I didn’t think archery would be on at The Crooked Billet this morning, it being a bit on the windy side. That said, it was calm when we left the house, so it seemed reasonable to take a look. If … Continue reading

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February observations

For the first time in a month, I have felt like thinking about the garden. And once it got light this morning, I first wanted to get a good look at the daffodils which are coming up round the gooseberry … Continue reading

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An ice-covered pond

It’s a while since I’ve blogged about the pond in the back garden. Basically, there hasn’t been anything of note to write about. Until the first frost hit the garden yesterday. The photo above doesn’t do justice to the layer … Continue reading

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