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Some would say we are currently experiencing glorious weather in the UK. I’d be inclined to agree but for the fact that my bedroom is south-facing. Perhaps heat and light at bedtime didn’t bother me when I first moved in … Continue reading

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An outing by bus

The last time I went on a bus before today was on my birthday, just over 15 months ago. I’d originally taken the day off to go for a walk with a friend but she’d called that off as the … Continue reading

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Backdoor strawberries

I went for a lovely walk with a friend in Meanwood Park yesterday. Whilst rhododendrons are no longer encouraged, I can see why they were once all the rage. Suffice to say, I wouldn’t think it wise to plant any … Continue reading

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A weekend in Suffolk

At last, we were able to go far away from our village and explore a completely new part of the world for us. With my daughter being on her half term school break and my having an extra day added … Continue reading

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Hirst Wood

On Friday morning, I was out of the house for three hours, which felt such a novelty. I have actually been out for as long as that on other occasions but clearly I needed more. So, the chosen spot for … Continue reading

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Singing to the cows

When the Beast from the East struck a couple of years ago, the Hebe in the front garden held on by the skin of its teeth. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have survived the winter this time. Having had two … Continue reading

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There’s an Egyptian in here somewhere

Working backwards, I went for a longer walk in the woods at my local farm this morning. Last week, I’d not been able to explore very far due to a barrier across the path but I noticed the rope had … Continue reading

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Spoilt for choice

My daughter had asked if I could give her a lift to school yesterday morning. She is really shattered at the moment, getting used to the two mile walk there and the two mile walk back. No doubt I will … Continue reading

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Charmed on Tuesday

Do you generally feel constrained? The operative words is ‘generally’, ie not to do with Covid restrictions. Yesterday morning was a moment in time when I felt the opposite. It was beautifully sunny and that blend between warm and cool … Continue reading

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Reintroduction & Rewilding Summit – this Saturday

I almost never reblog a post, as regular readers will probably be aware. However, the free event advertised below looks like it could be very interesting and so it makes sense to spread the word. Should anyone reading this post … Continue reading

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