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Scythes and stepping stones

After a weekend of outdoors activity, I am weary but revitalised. Yesterday, we took a trip to Hebden Bridge. Even though I had visited the town several times, I’d never ventured out to the mill at Hardcastle Crags, so that was the … Continue reading

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Deadheading for Dad

Yesterday, my daughter and I helped my dad out round the garden by deadheading the daffodils and other spring flowers past their best. I’d never thought to deadhead daffodils and some of mine are doing decidedly badly, so I think … Continue reading

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Over the Pennines

It never fails to amaze me how just one night away from home can feel like a week when you get back. Even though I feel somewhat bedraggled after driving some 200 miles, partly because I took a circuituous route … Continue reading

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Who moved the mulch?

The blackbirds are very tame at the moment. I’ve just been out to the bins, whilst nearby one was too busy pulling out a worm to bother with my presence. I’m not sure if it is these same birds that … Continue reading

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Lessons in being a lumberjack

On with the steel-toed boots and hard hat today. I had intended to make it to the Skelton Grange Conservation Centre for their volunteer workday long before the last time, a year ago, but you know how it is. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Tame deer

The other day at Belton House in Lincolnshire we were in the playground when who should come to join us? It was a gruesome day, more like late December than mid-February, so we didn’t explore the parkland, although I was … Continue reading

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Greening Westminster

Yesterday, we went on a day trip to the Houses of Parliament in London. It was quite fascinating! There was too much information to take on board in one tour but just seeing the place where legislation is made helped … Continue reading

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