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Fruiting bodies

Last month, whilst walking through a grassed area on my estate, I noticed mushrooms. As far as I can remember they had never been there before and, unfortunately, there weren’t any for me to take for identification today. In September … Continue reading

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‘Are you guys okay at the back?’

Today was the next workshop in the Leeds Rotters Composting Champions series of how to build your own compost bin from an old wheelie bin. This time we were at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, where there seems to have been … Continue reading

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Stepping into winter mode

On the way home from my parents’, we at last paid a visit to Sherwood Forest, which included a walk to the Major Oak, purportedly to be about a thousand years old. This was not however the highlight of my … Continue reading

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Towton Battlefield

On Friday, I had feared I was going to lose my car. While this might have been good for the environment, at the moment public transport doesn’t do the job it could, so it would have been impossible for me … Continue reading

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A-buzz about something

Yesterday, we went to see what was on offer at Leeds Light Night, where the city centre is lit up in more or less interesting ways. With a tired and cantankerous child in tow, we ended up in the University … Continue reading

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Sutton Bank and beyond

Regular followers of my blog may have noticed that I write less frequently about my garden these days. The reason for this is primarily because the forest garden needs very little work, which in turn frees me up to enjoy … Continue reading

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Elephant in the wood

Today, I’ve managed to use up all my energy on a walk through local woods, so gardening will have to yet again be postponed. I did however pick some tasty apples from our village community garden and some amazing rosehips … Continue reading

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Stank Hall Barn

This Saturday, we visited another property on the Heritage Open Day list: Stank Hall Barn in the Morley area. It’s almost opposite the White Rose Centre and couldn’t have been a more different cultural experience. As you can see in … Continue reading

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Heritage Open Days

A bit late to the party, I was only recently introduced to Heritage Open Days, which are a ‘festival of history and culture’, according to the aforementioned website. In other words, they are an opportunity to be given a guided … Continue reading

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River Cottage Festival

I’m so glad we went the festival held at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage in Devon this weekend. Being outdoors with others who are inclined to share one’s views is relaxing, if nothing else. However, of course, there is also always … Continue reading

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