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After work yesterday, I decided to take some exercise. Tuesdays generally follow a different routine as it is the evening my daughter has her piano lesson. Now, the lesson takes place through zoom which saves me a lot of time … Continue reading

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I’ve never seen those trees before!

I wasn’t sure if we should go into town (Leeds city centre) yesterday but there were some food stuffs that I needed and I would still rather not buy from supermarkets and large producers. Especially at this time, I fear, … Continue reading

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Gemming up on Geography

The car battery was getting a bit low. The car has always shown a weakness with regard to batteries, so I suspect the ultimate fault lies elsewhere but that doesn’t alter the fact that the vehicle needs a long run … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day in Spring

How are you feeling? Hopefully well and able to appreciate the start of spring. It was a beautiful day for Mothering Sunday and, even though it was sad that my parents couldn’t join us for the meal I had booked … Continue reading

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Getting out before we have to stay in

On a weekend when the CEO of Sainsbury sends out an email begging customers not to panic buy, yet the public hysteria appears to continue mounting, I thought it best to go out and support a few local businesses. A … Continue reading

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The leap from one strain to another

I’ve got used to the fact that I am not at death’s door, after a series of scans and such at the start of the year. But now we have the coronavirus, which has put the population on high alert. … Continue reading

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Through Leeds Rotters Composting Champions, I have come across a nationwide scheme to help build soil and grow food. This scheme, ShareWaste, brings together people who have food waste to donate and people who would love to compost it. The … Continue reading

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Between the floods and the flowers

On the way to York on Wednesday, my daughter exclaimed ‘Look at the fields!’ With crochet in hand, there was no time to put it down and find my phone for a photograph, so the nearest image to illustrate the … Continue reading

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An impulse purchase

I didn’t think archery would be on at The Crooked Billet this morning, it being a bit on the windy side. That said, it was calm when we left the house, so it seemed reasonable to take a look. If … Continue reading

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Not quite such a damp squib

This morning, I woke up to rain but when I looked out the French doors at the back it was reasonably light and the wind seemed bearable. As I had just offered a lady on Freegle most of my collection … Continue reading

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