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A warm glow

In 2016, on the Permaculture Design Course, I was told that a wood burning stove was the most environmentally friendly way of heating a house. I therefore set about investigating and discovered: My house was too small for even the … Continue reading

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How long will they take to rot?

The big apple tree needed a good prune: Branches were growing into the shed and the fence, cluttering up the centre of the tree and pointing upwards. So, the bypass loppers came out today and off came a fair amount … Continue reading

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A new way of turning

I vow every Monday to start the morning by reading a book but it rarely happens. Something always seems to get in the way. Today, was different and I luxuriated in the peacefulness of my latest tome without a shadow … Continue reading

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Blue glass

There isn’t much to report about the garden, apart from the fact that the Green Johanna seems to be working. Since Monday, the heap has gone down by about a third – I’ll have to check the dalek to compare. … Continue reading

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Lower branches

When I picked the crab apples back in September, I noticed that those on the top of the tree were bigger and without marks. So, yet again I have a question as to why this might be. Notwithstanding, the lower … Continue reading

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Careful with those buds!

My obsession with the hazel trees continues…. I’ve been working from home today and, when the virus check slowed the computer down to the extent I could’ve scroll down any of the documents I was using, I decided it was … Continue reading

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How to fill a Green Johanna

I had had high hopes of yesterday morning, originally intending to get quite a few jobs done in the garden. However, work has become a bit of a nightmare and I ended up pre-occupied with other matters than horticulture. I … Continue reading

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The Green Johanna is here!

Today has been another of those joyous occasions, mingled with a touch of sadness. Once rush hour was over, I was eager to pick up the Green Johanna hot composting bin this morning and then wasted no time in assembling … Continue reading

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An ink cap

After last Saturday’s mushroom foray, I had been wondering whether or not I would see any fungi in the back garden this autumn. Possibly there has been plenty, but with the garden still so green and lush it is hard … Continue reading

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‘Are you guys okay at the back?’

Today was the next workshop in the Leeds Rotters Composting Champions series of how to build your own compost bin from an old wheelie bin. This time we were at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, where there seems to have been … Continue reading

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