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While I’m on hold

Yesterday, I went for the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The side effects came on more or less as soon as I got home, which put paid to the rest of my day of annual leave being for anything … Continue reading

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Back to the stables

Further proof that the horse manure is doing some good in the garden came the other day when I noticed what the blackbirds had been up to in the main garlic bed. I don’t know if the birds were successful … Continue reading

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Oh no! Those pesky pigeons again

I hadn’t been wandering around the garden as much since the snows of January and February, so I wasn’t paying attention to the space at the back. Then at my local farm last week, there was a notice that the … Continue reading

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Another hole

Well, there was no snow today (phew!), so I was able to get out into the garden and do another job on my list. In previous years, I have tended to leave the Jerusalem artichokes until they have been almost … Continue reading

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Filling in a hole

When I built the pond, I used the soil that had been excavated to build up soil in the raised bed and round the apple trees. However, I don’t remember this dip in the garden: No matter, I have a … Continue reading

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Nature’s patterns in frost form

After recent online shenanigans I finally felt as though I’d got my gardening mojo back today. At least insofar as I was able to appreciate the beauty of nature in its winter form. I had to decline the offer of … Continue reading

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Dandelions vs couch grass

I thought I’d taken a photo of the pesky couch grass that’s been inhabiting the corner by the patio/pond but it seems not to be in the album. Anyway, I’m sure you know what it looks like as well as … Continue reading

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Improving the raised bed

Two years ago, when I made the raised bed, there wasn’t enough soil left from what was excavated to make the pond to fill it to the top. I’d not been making much compost at this time and was trying … Continue reading

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Poseidon‘s Trident

Yesterday afternoon, I watched a series of videos on YouTube about the soil web. Immediately, I felt inspired to get out in the garden and do some work but of course it was dark. In any case, a purchase I … Continue reading

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‘A lot more’s been happening in 2020 than ….’*

I haven’t blogged as much this year, neither writing nor reading. I can hardly say it’s because of my busy social life, though in some ways it is. For example, the world has opened up in as far I’ve been … Continue reading

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