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A triumph of life

Well, we come to the end of an extra-ordinary month. And whilst we’ve been trapped in our homes, nature has been busily getting on with what it normally does all around. This has provided some wry amusement. For example, one … Continue reading

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A country lane marred

At lunchtime, I decided to stretch my legs by posting my Mother’s Day card at the other end of the village. I hadn’t been on this particular walk for many months and as I entered the bridle path I was … Continue reading

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Fat for the birds

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to make some fat balls for the garden birds. But have you ever tried to do this? At first, it seemed straightforward enough, mixing the seeds into the fat on … Continue reading

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At it again!

After a lull in crocheting, for wont of something to make, I hit upon the idea of pots for the kalanchoe I took to the office. The colleague who I share the office with is also a keen gardener and … Continue reading

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RHS Slug count

I’ve just registered an interest in taking part in a slug count the RHS are doing later this year. They need 60 participants and a range of different garden types across the country. So, if you are interested, here is … Continue reading

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Holding on

This morning, I was in a restless state – four hours’ sleep a night for weeks on end and more tests in a row than since I did my ‘O’ levels had taken their toll. However, one constant comfort is … Continue reading

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Of course, as the rain subsides, the pond goes down, so I can imagine that mine will soon look like this: This would be a great shame for the birds that have started to visit the pond once again, now … Continue reading

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Muck in day at St Aidan’s

Until relatively recently, there was an open cast mine between the villages of Woodlesford, Swillington, Methley and Great & Little Preston, just southeast of Leeds. Then it flooded and was taken over by the RSPB, becoming St Aidan’s Nature Reserve. … Continue reading

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A wreath for next Christmas

I’ve lost count of how many Wassails we’ve now done at Old Sleningford Farm but this one has to be the best I’ve attended. Perhaps this is in part because my daughter was an enthusiastic maker of headdresses, which was … Continue reading

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How long will they take to rot?

The big apple tree needed a good prune: Branches were growing into the shed and the fence, cluttering up the centre of the tree and pointing upwards. So, the bypass loppers came out today and off came a fair amount … Continue reading

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