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Yesterday, whilst collected chive flowers, I noticed a bumblebee feeding on them, too. Only this one didn’t flit about. It was like a statue. On one flower for as long as it took me to collect two tubfuls and run … Continue reading

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The biggest magnet for insects

Yesterday, I was pleased to get a few more plants potted on. It looks like temperatures are warming up and it won’t be long before tender crops can be going in the garden. Of course, in this activity there is … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of apple blossom

I’ve just been watching pairs of pigeons fighting/courting. One of example of how much more entertaining the garden can be in comparison with television. The other main joy today has been smelling the apple blossom. Why I’ve never before thought … Continue reading

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Do bluetits eat insects?

This must be the first year that both my apple trees have been in blossom at the same time. The flowers on the crab apple may be starting to look a bit jaded, while those on the reinette orleans are … Continue reading

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Deadheading for Dad

Yesterday, my daughter and I helped my dad out round the garden by deadheading the daffodils and other spring flowers past their best. I’d never thought to deadhead daffodils and some of mine are doing decidedly badly, so I think … Continue reading

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The birds and Brexit

It’s been a sad day for me (I’m talking on an emotional level rather than a political one). I have no idea what Brexit holds but I feel part of me has been wiped away with Theresa May’s letter to … Continue reading

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Tame deer

The other day at Belton House in Lincolnshire we were in the playground when who should come to join us? It was a gruesome day, more like late December than mid-February, so we didn’t explore the parkland, although I was … Continue reading

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