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When curiosity didn’t kill the beast!

I’ve just opened my (new😊) washing machine and had an extraordinary experience. Not possibly quite as extraordinary for me as a certain visitor, though. I’d noticed some slime on the machine door and was chuntering about how it could be … Continue reading

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Veg on the edge!

It’s a while since we’ve been up to Saltaire on the train, so it comes as no surprise that changes might have happened in the intervening years. However, I hadn’t expected a vegetable garden by the side of the platform. … Continue reading

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Waiting for a Freegler

A couple of years ago, I broke down our sofa (donated by a neighbour) to make way for a piano. I tried to salvage as much as I could for repurposing, including the wadding, which I imagined using for cushions. … Continue reading

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There isn’t much to report on the garden front at the moment. We are eating tomatoes and the first runner beans are nearly ready.  On the other hand, the courgettes, cucumber and butternut squash are struggling. Nice therefore that we … Continue reading

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Our smaller friends

I’m having trouble with my back door. Before, it wouldn’t lock – now it is the opposite. However, whilst struggling to get it open yesterday, I saw a Red Admiral on the ‘patio’, which made the episode less frustrating. There … Continue reading

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The mint hideout

I’m slowly working my way through the poppies…. breaks my heart to chop them down when there are still so many buds on them. However, I vowed I wouldn’t let them take over too much space after the tomato fail … Continue reading

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Yesterday, whilst collected chive flowers, I noticed a bumblebee feeding on them, too. Only this one didn’t flit about. It was like a statue. On one flower for as long as it took me to collect two tubfuls and run … Continue reading

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