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A-buzz about something

Yesterday, we went to see what was on offer at Leeds Light Night, where the city centre is lit up in more or less interesting ways. With a tired and cantankerous child in tow, we ended up in the University … Continue reading

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It is what it’s supposed to be

As the apples on my daughter’s tree were falling off in September, I asked her to pick them before they were all lost. They were on the small side, or rather they were much smaller than the one we sampled … Continue reading

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A baby squeaks

It never occurred to me when I bought my house ten years ago that I would become obsessed by pigeons. However, there we have it…. Yesterday, when I looked out into the garden, I noticed one such sunbathing by the … Continue reading

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Out with the step ladders

I had been thinking of allowing the birds to eat all the crab apples but when I saw there were some huge apples at the top of the tree I just had to help myself to them. And for the … Continue reading

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Gobbling up the crab apples

Last week, I was concerned about a moulting pigeon. It looked in a tattered state with its head and neck feathers gone and seemed to be hanging around the garden rather forlornly. However, I now know why it is spending … Continue reading

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Protecting marine life from plastic

I rarely reblog a post but I think this one. Fishing 4 Litter, on the official blog for the North York Moors is important to disseminate. By now, I would have thought most people are aware that plastic is a … Continue reading

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Moulting behaviour

Last night when I popped out into the back garden, I accidentally scared a pigeon. I hadn’t seen it in the undergrowth, although I dare say if I had I would still have needed to go outside. In any case, … Continue reading

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Out-of-date sesame seeds

I’ve had a large packet of sesame seeds in my cupboard for quite some time. At least two years. As they came from Fuel for Schools (The Real Junk Food Project, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts), they might well … Continue reading

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Two snails

In recent years, I’ve had no problem with slugs and snails eating my plants. However, this rainy June has brought them out in force. Now that the bluebells have finished, I’ve removed all the dead foliage from the back border … Continue reading

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Keeping the cats off

At this time of year, it’s hard for me to know whether it’s hay fever or something else. But yesterday I slept virtually all day, so there is definitely something amiss. Unfortunately, the patch at the back of the garden … Continue reading

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